Booster Jab Rate Is Declining In The Country, Cases Are Rising

The booster shots are the real reason behind the reduction in the peak of the new omicron variant of the covid 19 in the United States. During the initial days of the approval of booster shots in the country, only adults of 60 years and above were eligible to receive the booster shots after receiving the initial two doses of the vaccine at least 6 months ago.

The eligibility of 6 months was applicable only on Pfizer and Moderna. For Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, it was a single dose at least 2 months ago. 

Booster Jab Rate Is Declining In The Country, Cases Are Rising

After rising in the delta variant in cases during October and death cases were increasing sharply, the US CDC expanded the eligibility criteria to receive a booster jab and every one of 18 years and above can avail the benefit of the booster shot in the United States. 

Booster Jab Rate Is Declining In The Country, Cases Are Rising

Furthermore, there was a huge rise in the demand to further expand the booster shot eligibility, and keeping in mind the data and analysis, The US medical agency extended the age group and allowed 12-17 years age group for emergency use of booster shots to fight against the omicron variant in the Country.

Although the level of security and protection is provided by the booster shot is great, the number of American citizens getting jabbed with a booster shot is not increasing at a good pace and the medical experts in the country have been raising much-required concern and have been urging every eligible individual to get a booster shot at the earliest. 

Earlier this month, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reduced the time gap between the initial doses of covid 19 vaccine and booster shots because the average cases of the new variant in the country are increasing every day and have surpassed more than 850,000 daily cases. 

The healthcare system is at risk and the hospital administration has been complaining about the rising cases and shortage of medical staff and supplies in various parts of the country. 

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, US Lead Medical Adviser recommended everyone to seriously follow all the protocols and policies laid by the health care authorities in the US to protect themselves from the covid 19 virus. 

A booster jab can reduce the chances of infection, hospitalization, and death by 90 percent according to the studies conducted by scientists and medical agencies in the country. Also, medical experts are raising concern that vaccinated people who are yet to receive the booster shot can be the major reason for the transfer of the virus.

According to the data available with the US CDC, it has been found that the daily recipients of covid 19 booster shots are decreasing and more than 85 million eligible American citizens have not received a booster jab and this data is worrisome, as per the medical experts in the US. 

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