Home Testing Kits For Reviving The Economy Of The United States

The United States has been trying to recover from the winter peak where both the variants of Covid 19, the Omicron, and the delta strain. The cases crossed the mark of 1.5 million per day and the seven-day average was revolving around 800,000 per day.

Home Testing Kits For Reviving The Economy Of The United States

The economy is still under a lot of stress and the government is trying to press the reset button where the companies and large businesses can be boosted so that the American economy must revive easily. 

Home Testing Kits For Reviving The Economy Of The United States

According to the medical experts in the United States, there is still a shortage of frontline workers, medical supplies, and home-based testing kits in the country. 

After a sudden surge in the cases of the new variant in the US, President Biden from the stage of the White House during the covid 19 press briefing, announced that his administration will provide every American citizen free antigen-based home testing kits. For this, the White House Administration will purchase 500 million testing kits in the next two months.

According to the medical experts and economists in the country, rapid testing kits are not available and it has become a major problem for the US economy in the revival process. 

Although, the supply of the testing kits has been directly administered by the US Federal Government, and the President has stated that there will be no delay in the supply as well as our administration has already placed an order for more than 51 million kits and have been circulated in the pharmacies and clinics. 

Also, the President promised to provide the schools with 10 million testing kits every month so that the education system can function smoothly in the country and it will also help in saving the lives of the kids as well as school authorities. 

Again this month during the meet with the covid 19 response team President Biden announced to add 500 million more testing kits and 400 million N95 masks. The cases surpassed expected numbers and testing kits will surely face a shortage. Adding half a billion kits will help in boosting the economy and people can come back to work. Also, the authorities will work on curbing the cost of the kits and other medical supplies in the country.

Testing is still a major issue amongst the citizens and the government and medical agencies are trying to avail as many testing kits for the people of America. 

The new variant can be easily defeated if we can provide enough testing kits and there must be a stipulated number of testing that must be done. The Central Government has already launched an official website that will help the American Population to order 4 free testing kits per person. 

This step has been hailed by many experts because this website will help in reducing the shortage and citizens will be available to get testing kits by sitting at home.

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