Citizens Are Ordering Free Masks And Testing Kits In The US

As the new omicron variant developed,  people too became more aware of their health and started taking more precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the infection.

Right now,  the government is urging all the citizens to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible and receive all the possible shots to increase their immunity levels.

The health experts suggest that people who have completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are eligible for booster shots.

Citizens Are Ordering Free Masks And Testing Kits In The US

During the festive season, the demand for testing kits increased in the United States. Even in the initial days of the outbreak of the omicron variant in the country, people started to request more and more rapid testing kits so that they can check the results at home only.

Citizens Are Ordering Free Masks And Testing Kits In The US

There was a huge shortage of both home-based testing kits and medical supplies Also, the government took a great initiative by providing the people with free at-home test kits that helped them to avoid waiting for their turns at hospitals and test centers.

For this President Biden promised to provide 1 billion free antigen-based rapid testing kits and 400 million free N95 masks to the entire American population.

These kits helped the people to test themselves at their homes and stay in isolation if found positive. Also, these kits help in avoiding overcrowding at the centers. Apart from kits, several free N95 masks have been provided by the administration to its citizens.

As the cases of the omicron variant have started speeding up, the nations have begun to spread the message much faster than the booster shots are the best defense against it.

The White House launched a website where people can buy testing kits and a fixed number of orders have been arranged so that everyone can order.

Millions of US households have ordered their testing kits from the website and this points towards the fact that people have become more conscious about their health. The free test kits and masks encourage people to come forward and test themselves if in doubt.

Every household in the US is eligible for receiving 4 free COVID test kits and can be ordered from the official website The masks are available at the pharmacies and several other public health centers for people and are easily accessible. 

The free testing service was made available keeping in mind the holiday season that came when the citizens were facing issues for getting tested before traveling. The crowd was more and it caused delays in the services as well as led to overcrowding.

The program will be running with full-fledged speed from the month of February and directions have been given to the medical agencies, pharmacies. The government has asked people to wear masks everywhere, be it office, buses, trains, or any other public transport or events. 

Once the order is placed by the people for testing kits,  it reaches them within 7 to 12 days as stated by the official website. 

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