Expansion In The U.S Deaths Due To The Outbreak Of Omicron

Despite taking so many precautions and preparing different types of numerous medicines and vaccines the Covid -19 did not terminate. As a matter of fact, It outstretched to a whole different level by fabricating a variant called delta variant which gave rise to great destruction to the people at a large scale. Many assumptions and hypotheses were made on the ending of the variant and virus but it did not go accordingly. Instead, a new covid variant omicron materialized recently.

Expansion In The U.S Deaths Due To The Outbreak Of Omicron

Omicron is the customary name used to mention what is technically known as the B.1.1.529 variant. The omicron variant became more prominent in late 2021 and many people debated on this variant and juxtaposed it with the other variants of Covid-19 based on its contagiousness, destruction, and many other key factors. As outlined by the WHO and other health departments the omicron was first delineated in South Africa at the end of November 2021 and promptly was reported in different countries of the world. 

Expansion In The U.S Deaths Due To The Outbreak Of Omicron

The term omicron being touched by the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet was first used by the WHO as a fragment of their organization to pinpoint major Covid-19 variants and other new viruses.  

The B.1.1.529 variant of Covid was first examined as a ” Variant under Monitoring” by the WHO. This classification comprised a sizable number of Covid variants which were contemplated as harmless and causing less destruction than the other variants that hindered humans from achieving what they wanted by damaging the world economy, population elimination, and causing medical and technological insufficiency. 

B.1.1.529 was renamed as omicron when it was reclassified as a ” Variant of concern” (VOC) a classification booked for variants kindred with a higher threat to public well-being. The VOC categorization incorporates the most grievous variants of Covid-19 which also includes the highly infectious Delta variant. 

Scientists are giving their 100% to understand the virus but are lacking in some or the other way as said by Senjuti Saha a molecular microbiologist and director of CHRF wherever she goes everyone says elaborate us more about the omicron but the biologist is truly unaware about the virus and is trying her best to conclude. 

Recently doctors and surveys in the US have observed an imperceptible increase in the death rate of Americans due to the new covid variant. Quick and strict rules have been devised in the country due to irresistible deaths. Although the precautions and rules have been made and enforced. There has been no information on the decline of the death count, instead, they have been increasing rapidly. 

The United States currently has reported about 150,000 covid patients in the hospitals with more than 853,000 deaths. The U.S government is doing its best to handle the situation by addressing the country online and educating them about the omicron and its effects. Not only them but U.S president Joe Biden even organized a meeting with his contemporaries to take certain required measures and decisions. 

The U.S. president in his speech also warned the Americans about the rising deaths in the country and told them to get their shot to get protection from the contagious virus. He also said that nothing can be done with the unvaccinated people as they will soon suffer death. 

Jason Salemi, Ph.D., an epidemiologist at the USF sadly stated that a lot of human beings are still going to die as human unchanging nature and the contagious omicron virus are going hand in hand with each other.

Sources also stated that the omicron death cases will peak in the upcoming months and the situation will get worse than getting better. They also estimated that in the coming months the deaths from omicron waves could range from 58,000 to 305,000. In such circumstances, strict actions should be taken and people need to understand that the measures they will take now will not only help them but will also help others who are poor and cannot afford medical facilities. 

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