Water- The Priceless Element!

We all know the importance of water in our daily lives, it is a gift by nature to humanity. Scientists have mentioned that Life has originated in the aqueous solutions of the world’s water body. However, molecules of water are simple in structure but the physical and chemical properties of the compound are extraordinarily complicated. Although found in abundance only 1 percent of it can be used for drinking purposes.

Water- The Priceless element! 

The water on the surface of Earth is found mainly in its oceans, polar ice caps, glaciers, freshwater lakes, rivers, and groundwater and as Earth’s population grows and the demand for fresh water increases.

Water- The Priceless element!

Due to overexploitation of these resources, the share of clean freshwater has been deteriorating on the entire planet. All plants and animals need water to survive which proves that there is no life on earth without water.

We are facing an acute shortage of water in recent times because most of the freshwater is being changed into polluted Water that is unfit for consumption.

It is pretty obvious that having adequate water in your body is critical to nearly every part of it, hence one must make sure to drink enough water to replace what’s lost and keep the body hydrated. 

Water has lots of advantages such as protection of body tissues, spinal cord, and joints, it helps excrete waste, helps in normal brain functioning, and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. The absurd distribution of water around the globe, makes most of the population face water scarcity and it remains an indispensable component of our ecosystem and therefore we need to conserve it for the future generation.  

Water scarcity has already caused much trouble and is a serious issue of concern. The only solution to avoid this disheartening situation is efficiently utilizing water, adopting universal methods of water conservation, and cutting down its wastage. Households should start small adjustments for conservation, which could become a big blast in conserving more water now and for future use.

A few steps for conservation are rainwater harvesting, Water metering, Proper Distribution System of Water, Control over Deforestation, and Protection of Water from Pollution. 

As the scarcity of water rises, countries start suffering. With many countries reporting its depletion of water, the vast population is on the deathbed. South Africa, Brazil is another country that is going through a similar situation. Jordan being the third is followed by many other countries such as the United Arab Emirates, facing several water management challenges, Egypt and Japan, Tokyo, being the largest water-stressed city in the world.

San Diego is a city that faced a water crisis, almost three decades ago. Eventually, working on its water management techniques, San Diego is now in a better position. 

Over a long time now, we have all been much aware of the water scarcity issues. However, the negligence of the civic authorities, industries, and the general public toward this serious issue has brought the world on the verge of losing its most essential element needed for survivingI.e. water.

Being aware that climate change is causing many meltdowns of glaciers, we remain unaware of the future. We need to analyze and take strict measures to conserve water, by understanding the consequences of water scarcity, keeping in mind that without it survival of any form of life is not possible. 

Many of the water systems around the globe that keep ecosystems thriving and feed a growing human population are burdened by the rising needs. More than half the world’s wetlands have dried.

Problems faced by humans are just not the only reason. Agriculture is another reason as it consumes more water than any other source. Climate change is an important factor that results in altering patterns of weather and water around the world, causing scarcity and droughts in some areas and floods in others.

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