Novavax Applied For The Vaccine Authorization With The US FDA

With the rise in the covid 19 infection in the United States, many pharmaceutical companies actually started to invest in vaccination for the protection of the citizens.

Novavax Applied For The Vaccine Authorization With The US FDA

To receive the authorization of the vaccine, the manufacturer has to pass the policies of the medical agencies to get the approval. It is a matter of protection of the citizens. There is no single chance of compromise with the health and security of the people of America.

Novavax Applied For The Vaccine Authorization With The US FDA

Currently, in the US, only 3 companies have received the covid 19 vaccine authorization, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Although with major problems and side effects in the Johnson & Johnson, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked not to avail J&J vaccination as it carries rare blood clot issues.

Also, as per the latest news available on Monday, The US Food and Drug Administration has given full approval to the Moderna vaccines. In the US only Pfizer was enjoying the full authorization rights. Now Moderna can also vaccinate every one of 18 years and above. But for the age group of younger kids of 5-15 years, only the Pfizer vaccine is allowed.

Now according to the latest news available from the world of vaccines, Novavax, which has been trying to enter as a competitor of the big pharmaceutical company’s vaccines, has submitted all the reports and data to the US FDA for the authorization of its vaccine in the United States.

Although, the formal request has been submitted to authorize the vaccine as an emergency use in America. If Novavax receives a green signal, then it will be the fourth covid 19 vaccine that will receive authorization from the regulatory agency in the country.

The omicron variant has been spreading very fast in major states and with the rise in cases, the demand for the vaccination has been increasing. Also, the government is trying to motivate and urge US citizens to get vaccinated at the earliest if they want to save their lives and loved ones from the attack of the deadly covid 19 virus.

Also, as per the reports submitted Novavax has claimed that its vaccine is capable enough to provide complete protection against the coronavirus infection and also it is 90 percent efficient and effective against the covid 19.

The Novavax officials are stating that the vaccine has been developed keeping in mind the current needs and it carries enough proteins that will help in generating a good amount of antibodies in the human body for a long time period. 

Three-phase clinical trials were conducted to research the overall effectiveness of the vaccine. Along with the United States, Novavax has applied in different countries. The company has also stated that if they will receive authorization from the FDA, around 100 million vaccines are ready to be stocked for the citizens of the United States.

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