Omicron Cases At Rising: People Need To Stay More Cautious

Since the emergence of the Omicron variant in the United States, the health sector has been under increasing stress and responsibility. With the threat of the upcoming substrain of the original omicron version, the medical agencies in the nation have started to focus more on preventive measures. 

Omicron Cases At Rising: People Need To Stay More Cautious

All the US states have been undertaking all the measures to make sure that people are well aware of the situation and taking the necessary precautionary measures. At present, COVID testing is on the rise but there are still some parts of the country that do not witness the testing facilities to their best and the cases are increasing very fast.   

Omicron Cases At Rising: People Need To Stay More Cautious

According to some medical experts in the country, if the spread of infection is not put to stop and the number of hospitalizations keeps on increasing, it will become difficult for both administration and citizens to deal with the situation. Many hospitals have already announced less than 10 percent of ICU beds are available to treat severely hit covid 19 patients. 

Several theories are being put forward but none can be trusted completely. The people must be prepared for what is going to come ahead. As per the new steps taken, the children aged between 5 to 11 years will receive the vaccination to prevent themselves from getting infected with the omicron variant. Also, the isolation rules have undergone several changes. 

The White House Administration has started various movements so that more and more people can be educated in favor of vaccines as it is the only best method to stay protected. 

Seeing the rise in the covid infection rate amongst the frontline workers, the isolation period was set for 10 days earlier but now has been reduced to 5 days as per the new guidelines. The patients have to provide a negative test report and wear masks when relieved from the isolation period. 

Although the vaccination is not offering complete security adding a booster jab will provide the utmost level of protection. It has been stated that the antibodies created by the Omicron variant infection will be very helpful in fighting against the new variants.

As per the medical experts, those who have completed their primary doses of vaccine are likely to face the omicron infection better. Staying vaccinated and adding a booster jab will help in reducing the rates of hospitalizations and deaths by 90 percent according to the latest findings by the CDC. Earlier, it was the Delta variant that caused a spike in the hospital admissions but now the omicron variant is leading to increased infections. 

Also, the latest reports state that the average seven days daily death count has surpassed more than 2200 the previous week, beating the highest tally of the number of deaths during the last winter surge.

Being highly contagious, people need to be more cautious against it. It is the responsibility of citizens as well to ensure that they wear masks all the time and keep themselves safe by maintaining social distance. 

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