Full Dose Blood Thinners Causing Severe Bleeding In Critical Care Covid Patients

According to a new study, Covid patients who are in ICU faced excessive bleeding when they were given full dose blood-thinning medication. Compared to others who were given a similar dose of full dose blood thinners, Covid patients experienced more complications.

Full Dose Blood Thinners Causing Severe Bleeding In Critical Care Covid Patients

The researchers analyzed data of several Covid patients who were critically ill and received ventilator support at the hospitals. This puts Covid patients in a tricky situation as they are at high risk for blood clots and excessive bleeding in this case.

Experts are worried that using full-dose anticoagulants may not work effectively in critical care Covid patients as there is a high risk of severe bleeding. Nearly 15% of the patients suffered from such complications, showing the risks associated with using such medication during Covid treatment.

Full Dose Blood Thinners Causing Severe Bleeding In Critical Care Covid Patients

Health experts say that there are various methods to deal with blood clots in the case of Covid patients, and each method is effective in its own way. Depending on the overall health condition of the patient and other options, doctors often choose the appropriate method to handle blood clots.

Using full-dose blood thinners is just one of the many options available with doctors to handle blood clots in ICU admitted Covid patients. In this regard, there is nothing to worry about as doctors can always choose another method to stop blood clots in such patients.

While it is generally believed that using blood thinners in the early stages can reduce hospitalization risk among Covid patients, it is not a good option in every situation. Many doctors prefer to use such treatments for patients who are not yet hospitalized, as this cuts the risk of complications by avoiding blood clots.

While this has given some good results in non-hospitalized patients, it is not always the preferred choice when it comes to Covid patients in critical care.

Even the research showed that only about 15% of patients reported complications after receiving full dose blood-thinning medication. A majority of covid patients in critical care responded well to such medication, and they did not have any bleeding issues. This goes on to show that using blood thinners has its own advantages, and it cannot be completely ignored due to the risk of severe bleeding in some patients.

By avoiding blood clots, doctors can avoid various complications during a covid infection. In this way, patients suffering from co-morbid conditions get a lot of benefits as they can recover in a quick time without needing critical care during Covid infection. When the infection is still in the initial stages, doctors often use such medication in low doses so that they can avoid hospitalization risks in patients.

In this manner, many patients feel better as the blood flow is not affected, and there are no risks of complications due to blood clots. On the other hand, while dealing with patients in critical care, doctors have to be extra careful as the situation is already serious, and any sort of complications can lead to death.

Some patients do not respond properly to blood-thinning medication, and they suffer from excessive bleeding during Covid infections. In this situation, doctors have to immediately stop such medication and choose alternative options to avoid blood clots.

The study has highlighted the risks of indiscriminate use of such medication on Covid patients. Experts feel that doctors should always use such medication only after ascertaining all the health parameters of the patients. In this regard, only the regular lab reports are not enough, and doctors have to understand the impact of using such medication on critically ill Covid patients.

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