The New Subtype Of The Omicron Variant BA.2: Is Severe For The Unvaccinated

The omicron variant has been a dominant strain of the original covid 19 virus in the country. With the continuous increase in the cases of the new variant omicron, hospitalization admissions have seen a surge.

The New Subtype Of The Omicron Variant BA.2: Is Severe For The Unvaccinated

On the other hand, the death rate is also increasing and breaking all the previous records of last winter’s peak. On 29 January 2022, more than 2200 cases were found in the country which was higher than the delta variant surge in the United States. 

New Subtype Of The Omicron Variant BA.2: Severe For The Unvaccinated

According to medical researchers in the US, It has been found that unvaccinated people are at a much higher risk than those fully vaccinated. The omicron variant has infected more than 20 million American citizens and has been dominating the nation with more than 95 percent cases of this new strain. 

Along with the omicron, the delta variant has been supporting to form a deadly combination and infecting the people of the country badly. The delta strain which is considered the most lethal but less contagious than the omicron now has a very less share of almost 2 percent in the total cases in America. But experts still believe that the delta version will remain alive and infect the health adversely. 

During the end of the month of January 2022, a new subtype of the original omicron variant has been detected and has infected more than 130 citizens. Almost half of the American States have reported at least a single case of the new subtype, BA.2.

BA.2 variant is considered to be 1.5 times more contagious than the BA.1 and carries more mutants than the original omicron variant. The omicron variant infected more than 20 million people in the country and is still attacking at a very fast pace.

Although the speed of the BA.2 is not spreading fast, it carries the power of spreading much faster than its original variant. Also, as per the medical researchers and scientists in the country, these are the initial studies and more data is required to analyze how severe BA.2 is.

Also, the new subtype’s symptoms are unknown and more data is required to come to a final conclusion. It has been found that the vaccination and booster shot offers protection, but the chances of getting infected by the omicron and its subtype are prevailing, and chances are less that it can be transmissible from one person to another, according to the studies.

All the medical experts and government have been urging the citizens of the country to avail themselves of the benefit of the vaccination. Also, if you are eligible to receive the booster shot then don’t wait for the best time and get yourself a booster jab at the earliest. It offers the utmost level of security from the covid 19 virus.

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