Experts In the US: They Are In a Much Better Position Against Covid 19

Since the outbreak of the covid 19 virus in the United States 2 years back, the cases are ever-increasing. The coronavirus infection has infected more than 75 million American citizens and more than 900,000 people have lost their precious lives because of the virus.

Experts In the US: They Are In a Much Better Position Against Covid 19

Almost a year after the widespread of the virus in the country, the vaccines were made available for the general public on 18 December 2020, giving a sigh of relief to the citizens of the country. During the initial phase of the vaccination drive, the two-dose vaccines were made available for adults of 60 years and above. 

Experts In the US: They Are In a Much Better Position Against  Covid 19

Pfizer and Moderna were given the vaccination authorization and soon after a major development in the manufacturing process, Johnson & Johnson was also authorized for a single shot of vaccine for the American population. 

The medical experts in the US are always motivating and criticizing the Government and its medical agencies. Major steps and preventive measures have been taken by the White House Administration and healthcare authorities to safeguard the lives of the citizens from the covid 19 virus. 

New variants have been taking place in the world and there are chances that more lethal strains will enter, ending up more lives but surely we have come a long way and have beaten the pandemic up to a certain level. 

The Pharmaceutical companies are on the right path and developing vaccines that are efficient and provide protection against the covid 19 virus. After the availability of the vaccine, we have started to revive the economy and have been building the required amount of antibodies and boosting the immunity system so as to secure life for the long term.

With the addition of the booster shots in the month of August-September, a great level of the protected wall has been created which provides protection against the new variant up to 90 percent. 

Also according to some medical scholars in the country, the health care system has come down to the lowest point where the frontline workers and other medical staff are suffering a lot with the pressure of handling infected patients with ease and in large numbers. 

Although the health departments and Government have failed to reach the expectation of the citizens and have not been able to implement the policies and laws in some of the major States, The vaccination drive is seeing a dip in the past few weeks and even with more than 700,000 daily average cases in the country, 36 percent of the people are still unvaccinated.

The United States has been setting up new records of infection, hospital admissions, and mortality rates. The government has been offering free covid 19 testing kits, N95 masks to the American Population but still, the cases are increasing and people are not in the right mood to follow the protocols.

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