Aspirin Underutilized For Preventing Preeclampsia Prophylaxis In Women

According to the latest study done on women suffering from preeclampsia prophylaxis, it was found that Aspirin is underutilized to prevent such conditions. Experts say that Aspirin can work effectively to prevent such issues in pregnant women who have diabetes, obesity, and chronic hypertension.

Aspirin Underutilized For Preventing Preeclampsia Prophylaxis In Women

Generally, pregnant women who are at high risk of developing preeclampsia are not prescribed Aspirin by physicians. The main reason for this practice is the standard guidelines regarding the use of Aspirin.

Aspirin Underutilized For Preventing Preeclampsia Prophylaxis In Women

Most doctors prefer not to prescribe Aspirin as it can cause complications in some pregnant women. However, the medication can offer many benefits, and its use can be considered if the overall health condition of the patient is normal.

As per the latest recommendations given by the US Preventive Services Task Force, pregnant women can be prescribed low-dose Aspirin after 12 weeks of pregnancy. This can be done for women who are at high risk of developing preeclampsia.

Even though there are moderate risk factors associated with this medication during pregnancy, it also has many uses to prevent preeclampsia.

According to the latest statistics available from official sources, about 7% of pregnant women who used Aspirin suffered from obesity-related issues. Similarly, about 27% of pregnant women had hypertension when they used Aspirin, and about 17% had diabetes when they used Aspirin during pregnancy.

The percentage of women who used Aspirin during pregnancy was less as many doctors do not want to prescribe the medication due to standard guidelines. However, when it comes to women who are at high risk of developing preeclampsia, using low-dose Aspirin has several advantages.

It can easily prevent such conditions in the long run. Many doctors feel that Aspirin in low doses offers numerous benefits when it is used after 12 weeks of gestation.

Many pregnant women are diagnosed with preeclampsia after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The blood pressure goes high in this situation and leads to various complications. One of the most obvious symptoms of this condition is the retention of fluids in the body.

And this becomes visible in the form of swollen legs in many cases. Women often complain about a sudden increase in body weight when they are suffering from such problems.

In extreme cases, this condition can create complications during delivery and even impact the health of the baby. However, when the problem is treated at the right time, it is possible to avoid complications.

Most women who suffer from preeclampsia deliver babies without any complications when they are given proper medication. It is also interesting to note that many women do not show any symptoms at all in the early stages, and only a blood test or urine test will show the problem.

Once the problem appears, doctors have to monitor the situation closely and wait till the baby can be safely delivered. Most women recover fully after the delivery, and they feel normal afterward. It is generally observed that using Aspirin in low doses can prevent such complications in a majority of cases.

According to the study, using low-dose Aspirin was beneficial among women who were at high risk for developing preeclampsia. However, it was not widely used due to various factors. Experts feel that there are several advantages of using low-dose Aspirin to prevent various complications associated with preeclampsia in women.

This can be safely done after about 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the low dose medication can be continued till about 20 weeks of pregnancy. In this way, women who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and obesity during pregnancy have fewer chances of developing preeclampsia.

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