Some Experts Believe That People Are Really Confused About Rapid Home Based Testing

The testing kits available in the United States are suitable only for detecting the covid 19 infection but not for counting the antibodies level in the body. During the initial outbreak of the Omicron variant in the US and by the time of Christmas it became the dominant coronavirus variant.

Some Experts Believe That People Are Really Confused About Rapid Home Based Testing

Omicron defeated the most lethal Delta strain which already took more than 300,000 lives of the American population. Medical experts in the country raised the concern that if more people will come out for the testing it will become very difficult to handle and will start infecting a major population.

Experts: People Are Really Confused About Rapid Home Based Testing

The home-based self-testing kits gained much importance during the holidays when the citizens wanted to get tested at the earliest as they wanted to fly back to their homes to celebrate the Christmas festival and New Year holidays. 

Although, a major section of the health care officials is not favoring the results of the rapid testing kits because sometimes it shows negative resorts even after having symptoms. It was argued that the omicron variant possesses very few symptoms that might not be detected in the home-based testing kits.

For this, nasal-based testing is considered to be the best but it takes some time to exhibit results the accuracy level is very high against the home vases testing kits. 

Also, the White House Administration has been continuously directing the state authorities and medical agencies to set up new testing facilities in every county so that there should be more testing done and it will help in finding out infected patients in bulk. 

Seeing the rise in the demand for testing kits, President Biden in the month of December 2021, announced to provide the country free of cost 500 million antigen-based rapid testing kits in order to reduce the shortage in the long run.

The at-home testing kits help the families to test at their ease whenever they feel mild symptoms. It has been suggested that there must be 2 testing kits available for each family member. Only testing can help in reducing the rising number of cases in the country, stated medical experts. 

The Public Health Care Department announced that citizens must buy at-home testing kits directly from the Centers authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration and there are more than 40 such locations in the United States. 

President Biden added more than half a billion testing kits for the citizens of the nation making it 1 billion rapid testing kits. Also, the Central Government has extended the availability of the kits by adding a new website solely to buy testing kits. Now people can order 4 testing kits per member and they will be delivered in 7-12 days only.

The Government is ensuring there should be no shortages of medical supplies in the country.

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