The US FDA Receives The Request From Pfizer To Allow Covid Vaccines For Kids

The rising number of omicron infection cases and death rate amongst the kids below 5 years in the United States has been a matter of concern for all the medical authorities and parents. As per the reports available, some US states have reported triple cases of the covid 19 virus amongst kids and adolescents.

The US FDA Receives The Request From Pfizer To Allow Covid Vaccines For Kids

The introduction of the Covid vaccine has proved to be one of the greatest advancements in mankind to beat the deadly pandemic. It has not only limited the spread of the virus across the globe but has also contributed immensely to reducing the hospital admissions and death rate.

The US FDA Receives The Request From Pfizer To Allow Covid Vaccines For Kids

Covid vaccination is one of the greatest milestones, as per Dr. Anthony Fauci who is leading the government strategies to fight the coronavirus. But the mortality rate doubled after the outbreak of the new variant.

However, there is no official approval on the Covid vaccine for kids under the age group of five. In the month of December, Pfizer conducted 2 phase clinical trials for testing the vaccine for the kids of 1-4 years. And the results were not satisfactory and the two-dose vaccines were not able to generate enough antibodies that are required to fight the new variant of covid 19. 

Hence, on Tuesday Pfizer with an objective to protect the little munchkins under the age of five requested the FDA to authorize the Covid vaccine for this age group. Also, the chances are high that this age group might get 3 doses of the vaccine.

The US FDA might approve vaccines by February 2022. Moreover, the Food and Drugs Administration is analyzing and settling down the number of shots to be given to young children. These children will be given two shorts or three is still under speculation. 

According to the data available with the Federal Government and healthcare agencies, around 19 million children in the US are under the age of 5. Currently, these children are not eligible for the Covid vaccination. These children are more vulnerable to the deadly virus hence, many parents of young children have been requesting FDA to introduce the Covid vaccine for young children too. 

The new covid 19 Omicron variant has majorly impacted the unvaccinated citizens and younger children in the United States haven’t received vaccines that have led them to hospitalization. Owing to this, the FDA and the government are now thinking strongly about authorizing the Covid vaccines for young children too so as to safeguard their lives from the current and future variants. 

Pfizer is conducting several kinds of research and tests to finalize the quantity of the Covid vaccine to be given to young children. The children as small as 6 months will be given about one-tenth of the Covid vaccine dose given to the adults in the United States. Based on the data and analysis of the research and studies FDA shall draft a definite guideline and authorize the vaccine.

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