The New Omicron Subvariant Begins To Show Its Presence, Experts Warn BA.2 Can Be Severe

According to the medical experts in the United States, new covid 19 variants will keep being introduced in the world. Also, as per the World Health Organization, rich countries have to be blamed up to a certain limit because of the indifference in the distribution of the covid 19 vaccine to the poor nations.

The New Omicron Subvariant Begins To Show Its Presence, Experts Warn BA.2 Can Be Severe

Quoting an example of the latest omicron variant, which is also called a variant of concern, The WHO stated that more variants will take birth from the poor countries if rich nations won’t distribute free vaccines and employ a good medical system in those countries at the earliest. 

The New Omicron Subvariant Shows Its Presence, BA.2 Can Be Severe

The next strain is being seen to replace the existing omicron variant in different parts of the world, warned WHO. Based on the observations made by scientists and medical researchers, the B.A.2 variant shares approximately the same severity levels as the existing strain of the original omicron.

The new strain appearing, however, holds the potential to spread at a much faster pace itself all over the globe. The people need to follow the same precautionary measures laid by the Central medical agencies in the country, stated by the public health department. 

According to the data provided by Reuters, the new virus overtaking the existing one has not caused any major spikes in the rate of hospitalization, and no death has been reported in the United States yet. BA.2 carries 1.5 times more transmissible power because it has more mutations than the original variant of omicron. 

Although as per the medical findings by the healthcare authorities and Pharma companies,  It is more contagious than the B.A.1 virus and has the ability to cause infection to more people and especially to the unvaccinated people in the country. 

Also, the emergence of this subvariant is being observed in other countries also and paving a way for its widespread.  It is important that people keep up with the pace of being vaccinated and make others aware too. In the US, more than 140 cases of the new subtype of the omicron variant have been detected and some states have recorded multiple digital cases.

It was expected that the new strains may come up but the levels of severity cannot be judged. More data is required to conduct a study on the BA.2 variant that is quickly replacing the B.A.1 variant. 

The initial 2 doses of the vaccines are proving to be effective enough in combating the omicron variant and have helped people to deal with it. The booster shots are known to increase the immunity of the body by manifolds to help fight the attack of the virus much more efficiently.

The B.A.2 form of omicron variant B.A.1 is now continuing to spread in some parts of the globe gradually. Vaccines also continue to provide similar protection against the different forms of Omicron and it is the only best alternative.

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