Cancer And New Research To Kill It 

Magnetic seeds have been created by scientists, that heat up and kill cancer cells. These magnetic seeds are made from a substance called ferrite, which is found in iron ore. When the seed is heated up to about 200 degrees Celsius, it releases its magnetic properties and attracts the cancer cells to it. The scientists then use an ultrasound machine to activate the magnetism of the seed and destroy the cancer cell.

Cancer And New Research To Kill It 

When a person has cancer some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer has the capability to start nearly anywhere in the human body, which is made up of many trillions of cells. 

Cancer And New Research To Kill It 

There can be many types of cancer as many as more than 100 types. Cancer is usually be named for the organs or tissues where the cancer is my form. For example, lung cancer starts in the lung, and brain cancer starts in the brain, etc. 

MRI scanning machines are used in hospitals worldwide and are very important for detecting diseases like cancer. However, a group of researchers of The University College London (UCL), have used an MRI scanning machine to help a tiny magnetic “seed” through to the brain in order to heat and destroy cancer cells.

The therapy which has been tested on mice, is called “minimally invasive image-guided ablation” and its short form is MINIMA, this was based on a study that was published on Advanced science.

The researchers used a special type of MRI scanner that can detect changes in blood flow caused by heating or cooling tumors with radiofrequency waves. This method was applied on mice with breast cancer tumors implanted into their bodies and allowed them to live for several weeks after they were injected with these seeds. After being treated with these magnetic seeds, almost all of the mice survived at least six months without any signs of disease progression after their treatment ended. The researchers also used this method to treat mice with brain tumors. They found that the magnetic seeds were able to kill cancer cells in the animal’s brains and prevent them from spreading. This is a very promising development, as it could lead to a safe and effective treatment for brain tumors.

Magnetic fields have been known to affect living things since ancient times. For example, magnets are often used in toys such as cars, trains, or planes so children can play with them safely without hurting themselves. The same type of magnetism has now been discovered in some types of seeds that can be used for medical purposes. These magnetic properties are caused by tiny particles called ferrites which are found inside iron ore deposits like those found in many parts of Australia and South America. When these ferrites become heated up they release their magnetic properties and attract nearby metal objects like needles or surgical tools. In particular, the scientists at University College London have developed a new type of MRI scanner that uses radiofrequency waves instead of X-rays to heat up these ferrite seeds and destroy cancer cells within minutes. This technology will allow doctors to use ultrasound machines on patients who need immediate surgery while being scanned using an MRI machine at the same time. It is hoped this will help reduce post-surgery complications such as infection, fluid build-up around the wound, or even death due to blood clotting problems caused by anesthesia drugs 

Cancer has caused many deaths worldwide, it has caused about 10 million deaths in 2020, making or even enhancing our cancer treatments one of the most important and unmet needs we have today.

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