CDC To Present Coronavirus Progress With The Help Of Latest Techniques Like Wastewater

Amidst such a wide range of Covid 19 variants affecting the United States, the scientists are always in search of possible solutions or repercussions about coming ahead to help the citizens to get back to the normal life they had a few years back.

CDC To Present Coronavirus Progress With The Help Of Latest Techniques Like Wastewater

With the patterns going on, the scientists from South Africa had made some findings and alerted everyone against a new mutated version of the virus around the time of Thanksgiving. 

CDC To Present Coronavirus Progress With The Help Of Latest Techniques Like Wastewater

There are various studies being conducted and when we feel like this will be the final variant, a new strain enters at exactly the same time. It is a matter of time when some of the medical experts in the US claimed that the pandemic will end with this final version of omicron.

And a few days back a new subtype of the existing omicron entered the boundaries of The US and affected almost every state with at least one single case.

Listening keenly to this information, one of the researchers began analyzing the different nature of the undiscovered virus and started the research work. A team started to conduct samples and testing of various sludge forms processed from different areas.

Being the members at Sewer Coronavirus Alert Network (SCAN), the team continuously looked for hints of a new strain in North California. 

In September 2020, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched the National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) and the main objective was to track if the Covid 19 virus is present in the sewage water or not.

The NWSS team started to collect sewage water samples from different parts of the country in order to test and find conducive results. 

The main objective was to inform and provide knowledge to the different societies about the presence of viruses in the wastewater and discuss how to prevent the infection. In this local municipality, help was also taken by different teams, and samples were collected.

The technology of waste water-based epidemiology has been widely accepted by the US administration for a variety of projects. SCAN is among one of the approved testing site chains that have been conducting research and collecting data since its inception on the behalf of CDC in the year 2020.

After a couple of years, CDC will be providing the citizens with data related to how coronavirus is appearing in wastewater produced across the nation.

The team has been working calmly to continuously provide the health sector with required data and help in better understanding of virus development.

Recently, it has been observed that the virus accumulation had undergone a decline at the majority of the wastewater sites. Nearly 500 sites will be providing the CDC with required data and the schedule for media briefing has been set to discuss more. 

The coronavirus has only evolved day by day across the nations. The situations and the activity of strains of the original virus are not in the hands of the government and therefore, they too need to find an immediate solution and maintain calm among people.

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