The New York States Administers Lowest Positivity Rate In The Country Since December 2021

Since the outbreak of the new variant of the covid 19 virus, omicron in the State of New York, the whole state medical system was put on emergency by Governor Kathy Hochul. It means the state was under an emergency situation to prevent the rise in coronavirus infection.

The New York States Administers Lowest Positivity Rate In The Country Since December 2021

Although New York became the epicenter for the omicron strain widespread when in a single day 5 citizens who were fully vaccinated were found with the new variant.

The New York States Administers Lowest Positivity Rate in the Country since December 2021

Gov. Hochul was continuously motivating the citizens of the state and encouraged everyone to stay calm and fight collectively with the pandemic and take it to the end. 

To achieve this feat, various steps and preventive measures were taken by the state medical authorities which include a mask mandate to avail entry at the public spaces. 

New York state became the first-ever state to add more vaccination facility centers that allowed many citizens to get tested at their nearby testing location. Around 30 such locations were added after receiving directions from the White House Administration

Governor Kathy Hochul has been doing tremendous work to curb the cases and every medical expert has been hailing the steps taken by her administration. She keeps an eye on all the latest developments and conducts press briefings to provide information and knowledge to her state’s citizens.  

According to the latest reports available, the State of New York has witnessed the best week and the positivity rate was below 4 percent since 26 November 2021. Also, after the Christmas holidays, the hospitalization and death rate was continuously increasing. 

The state received a total of 192,754 reported cases and out of this 3.76 Percent or 7246 cases were found positive. The previous week the covid 19 positive rate was around 7 percent which declined drastically this week.

Although the seven-day average positivity rate was around 7.87 percent in NY.  Also, there is a decrease in hospital admissions and a total of 5466 patients were found occupying beds. 

As per the statistics available on the vaccination, a total number of 52,158 vaccines were given to the New York State citizens, and an average seven-day daily vaccine administration is around 50,000. 

Also, Governor Kathy talked about the vaxforkids movement which received a great amount of response from the parents and guardians who were earlier reluctant to get their kids vaccinated. 

New SUNY-based testing centers were set up in different counties to ease testing drives.  Governor also stated that the state has achieved the omicron peak time and still there are not much ease in the restrictions because of the arrival of the new subtype of the original variant of the omicron, BA.2

The individuals are taking precautionary actions and it is a great thing that people are making themselves much aware of the new subvariant. It must be the responsibility of an individual to contribute and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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