Psoriasis Patients Find Improvement In Skin Inflammation With Bile Acids

Many people have Psoriasis across the US, and it needs treatment for a long period. A new study has shown that such patients can find relief from inflammation by taking bile acids. These acids are naturally produced in the liver, and it moves into the small intestine to help with the digestion process. Some bile acids also move into the colon region and aid other bodily functions. These acids help to maintain the cholesterol balance in the body and also control various inflammatory diseases.

When the immune system of the body gets affected, it can lead to Psoriasis kind of problem that causes itching and red patches on the skin. The bile acids in the body can prevent such inflammation by creating the IL17A protein in the body. Studies have shown that taking bile acids or other treatments that regulate the production of bile acids in the body can be beneficial to control inflammation during Psoriasis.

Psoriasis Patients Find Improvement In Skin Inflammation With Bile Acids

Researchers also noticed that there were no side effects of taking bile acids to stop inflammation in Psoriasis patients. The acids work in a natural way to stop the immune cell movement in the body towards the site of inflammation. In this way, the immune system will not react in an adverse manner, and this controls the inflammation in a natural way. It can provide good relief from various types of skin inflammation.

Psoriasis Patients Find Improvement In Skin Inflammation With Bile Acids

Doctors say that our body has bile acids in the colon region also, and these are usually known as secondary bile acids as these acids are transformed into different forms in the colon region. The production of secondary bile acids in the body can get affected due to our diet. Experts say that fat-rich food and sugars impact the bacteria that reside in the gut region, and this affects the production of secondary bile acids in the body.

The experiment done on mice has shown that injecting IL 23 DNA produces Psoriasis kind of disease in mice. After this, the mice were treated with secondary bile acids to notice the impact of such treatment on Psoriasis symptoms. It was observed that those mice who received bile acids showed a lot of reduction in symptoms like redness and scaling of the skin cells. Apart from that, the swelling of the ears also reduced a lot after taking the bile acid treatment. The mice were given oral LCA and injections to different groups to identify any difference in results. However, the results were similar irrespective of the method of treatment.

Researchers say that the medication reduced the production of IL 17A protein in the body, which prevented the onset of Psoriasis in mice. The study is likely to give similar results in human trials, according to experts. Many doctors say that psoriasis patients have shown significant improvement in many cases by using oral bile acid supplements in small doses. The good thing about such treatments is that they do not cause any major side effects on the body.

As our body naturally produces bile acids, it does not do any harm to the body. As part of the treatment, bile acid supplements are given to patients, increasing the production of secondary bile acids in the body that prevent inflammation symptoms in Psoriasis patients. Doctors also emphasize the importance of having a healthy diet in order to treat such conditions. As the foods we eat have an impact on the production of secondary bile acids, it is important to eat fresh foods as much as possible. In this way, secondary bile acid production will be normal in the body. This can avoid inflammation to a large extent in Psoriasis patients.

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