Dysfunctional Vascular System Leads SARS CoV-2 To Severe Covid

As Covid infection continues to infect millions of people worldwide, it is strange to notice that the impact is not the same on every person. While some people suffer only from mild symptoms, others suffer from various complications. It is very easy to blame a weak immune response in case of severe Covid infection. However, it is not the exact reason, and researchers believe that a dysfunctional vascular system is what leads a SARS CoV 2 infection to become a severe Covid 19 infection.

Researchers focused on the way in which disease progressed in infected participants. In case of severe infection, the endothelium was impacted, leading to acute respiratory problems and inflammation in the lungs. In that situation, the blood vessels were severely damaged in the lungs.

Dysfunctional Vascular System Leads SARS CoV-2 To Severe Covid

The endothelium layer of cells acts as a barrier between the tissues and blood flow in the body. This barrier often leaves the body vulnerable to various infections when it becomes weak. This is what happens during severe Covid infection, and the endothelium is severely impacted in patients who end up in critical care.

Dysfunctional Vascular System Leads SARS CoV-2 To Severe Covid

When the samples of severely infected patients and recovered patients were compared, it became evident that the disruption of the endothelial barrier was directly linked to the severity of the infection. In the case of permanent damage to the endothelium, the inflammation was highest, and the patients suffered from severe complications. The data from the recovered patients suggested that regeneration of the endothelium played an important role in the recovery process.

In this way, the plasma protein profile of the patients is an important factor for grouping the patients based on the severity of the infection. This can open new doors for treating such patients in the future. As the exact reason for the severity is clear with this approach, the treatment can be focused on that particular plasma protein in the body. In this way, the recovery can be better in many patients.

Researchers want to focus on that particular element that leads to the damage of endothelium in the body. In this way, severe infection can be prevented by taking care of such elements. In the same manner, the regeneration of endothelium also depends on a few elements, and scientists want to know more about such elements. This can help them to improve the health of critical patients.

Interestingly, some people who are infected with Covid do not report any symptoms at all, while others face severe symptoms. In the early stage of the pandemic, the response of the immune system was considered as the major reason for this difference. However, later studies have proved that there are many other factors that influence the severity of Covid infection in patients.

The presence of antibodies due to vaccines is also a major factor, and it is evident from various studies that vaccination can prevent severe outcomes.

The antibodies help in many ways to prevent severe infection in the body. As the virus gets weakened in the body due to the presence of antibodies, it will not be able to do sufficient damage in the long run. Due to this reason, vaccinated people often recover quickly without the need for hospitalization. Even when vaccinated people are hospitalized, they do not end up in ICUs in most cases.

As of now, researchers are pressing for a booster dose to prevent the infection. This is a good option for many people who are at high risk of contracting the infection. In this way, the burden on hospitals can be reduced to a large extent shortly.

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