Study- Higher Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccination In LGBT Population

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, we have been noticing the death disparities due to the COVID-19 as more males are found to be vulnerable to Coronavirus as compared to females. 

Study- Higher Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccination In LGBT Population

However, we have limited data on how the pandemic has affected the lives of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and Transgender (LGBT) concerning mental health, financial status, or the number of deaths due to the Coronavirus in the United States. 

Study- Higher Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccination In LGBT Population

The analysis since the past two years has concluded that the LGBT population has been bearing the disproportionate amount of burden of COVID-19 as compared to their heterosexual counterparts in terms of financial issues, mental and physical health issues

Also, the analysis found that the LGBT population has a higher level of comorbidities than their heterosexual counterparts and experience a higher level of discrimination and stigma in the health system.

The recently completed survey results from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that nearly 86% of the Lesbian and Gay adults have already been administered at least one dose of vaccine as compared to 77% of the heterosexual adults who are reported to have administered one dose of the Vaccine. 

The survey result is based on data collected from nearly 160,000 respondents from 30 August 2021 to 30 October 2021.

The study also concluded that approximately 77% of the Gay and Lesbian adults have shown confidence in the COVID-19 Vaccine as compared to their 63% of the heterosexual counterparts. 

Also, 88% of the bisexual and 92% of Gay believed that the vaccine is very effective and safe for them and that this vaccine will protect them in the future from upcoming mutants. Comparatively, 78% of heterosexual adults showed confidence and hope in the vaccine against the future mutants of the Coronavirus.

The study also showed that among Gay or Lesbian adults, 90% of the male is found to be more confident of the Vaccine as compared to 83% of female. Also, 78% of the non-binary people are at least partially vaccinated as compared to 77% of the people who are not transgender or non-binary.

However, when it comes to comparison concerning income level in the LGBT and the heterosexual, little or no disparities are found. 95% of the Gay or Lesbian with household income above $70,000 be vaccinated approximately once, as compared to the 75% of the Gay and Lesbian adults whose household income is below poverty level. 

Similarly, 82% of non-heterosexual adults with income above $70,000 are vaccinated at least once as compared to 64% of non-heterosexuals adults with household income below the poverty line. 

When it comes to comparison along the racial or ethnic lines, it is found that more white LGBT populations are found to be vaccinated as compared to the black LGBT population. The study found that nearly 93% of white Gay and Lesbian are vaccinated as compared to 66% of black Gay and Lesbian. 

When comparing gender vaccination rates along the racial or ethnic line, it has been found that the 95% of the white male Gay and Lesbian has been vaccinated as compared to the black male Gay and Lesbian. 

With 56% of the black women found to be administered at least one dose, it is concluded that the lower vaccination coverage in black females is the main driver of the low vaccination rate in the black Gay and Lesbian adults. 

It is not that all of the LGBT population have shown confidence and faith in the vaccine as that community has been hesitant also, but it has been a matter of proportion. 

Kaiser Family Foundation also did separate research and concluded that 83% of LGBT adults were found to have at least one dose of vaccine administered to them as compared to 67% of the non-LGBT adults. The study also concluded 68% of LGBT adults supported the government’s employer vaccine mandate as compared to 49% of the non-LGBT adults. 

Inclusion of gender identity or sexual orientation in the studies and surveys could help design and formulate proper strategies to improve access to healthcare services to the LGBT population without making them feel discriminated against for their sexual orientation. 

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