Destructive Outbreak Of Macular Degeneration And Its Signs

The arrival of science and technology gave rise to many important gadgets, objects, commodities, etc that without any doubt have an important role in our lives. This problem of stress, anxiety and depression have dilated at the advent of the 21st Century not only because of physical work but due to the use of excess electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc which in turn played a crucial role in not only stress and anxiety development but also the impairment of our valuable eyes. 

Destructive Outbreak Of Macular Degeneration And Its Signs

The increasing use of these electronics and the development of anxiety has given birth to eye impairment which is also known as macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a customary eye disorder that is caused by the downturn of the macula which is a small area at the center of the retina which is situated at the back of the eye. It is the main rationale for the cause of central vision deprivation.

Destructive Outbreak Of Macular Degeneration And Its Signs

It is chiefly an age-related disorder that causes vision loss or blurred central vision. It is not the main reason for total eye blindness but partially blinds the eye of the person suffering from the disorder. However, there are two different types of macular degeneration which have their own effect individually. Wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration. Dry macular degeneration is comparatively less severe than wet macular degeneration as it is common in a person and does not damage eye vision. It has common effects on a person which often occurs because of old age such as a reduction in central vision, a contortion of straight lines in the field of vision, blurriness, etc. Whereas wet macular degeneration is the main reason for serious vision loss. It has numerous more serious effects such as blurry spots in the area of vision, dark spots in the center of vision due to blood vessel bleeding or leaking fluid, and many more worsening symptoms. Macular degeneration causes many problems in our day-to-day lives such as problems in driving, reading, physical work, etc. 

Due to the expansion of this disorder, many scientists and eye specialists even gave their statements regarding the cause and effect and how it can be healed. 

Julie Rosenthal, M.D stated that this diagnosis is very ruinous to people. She also said that it occurs in a microscopic area in the back of the eye because of which it cannot be seen easily. She sadly stated that due to its lack of identification just by looking it becomes difficult for the person to heal it and requires much more solemnity and seriousness. 

Many ophthalmologists stated that this disorder is serious and one single issue will make the problem serious and can cause vision blindness. They also said that proper eye treatment and diet should be taken in order to heal fast. Many even suggested some yoga eye exercises that are beneficial for the treatment of macular degeneration such as tartan, viparapta Karani, savasana, calming the eye, etc. 

The survey done by international agencies in the year 2020 had reported that 8.7% of the world population has age-related macular degeneration(AMD)  which is 196million people and it was also affirmed that the expansion of this disease in numbers will increase to 290 million around the year 2040. Whereas the country which is intensely suffering from this disorder is the U.S. it is also concerning to know that 6.5% of Americans are suffering from macular degeneration. Many preventive measures have been suggested and enforced many ophthalmologists. We need to regulate our need to use electronics and should eat healthy in order to abstain from these highly devastating disorders which not only make our life tough but also demolish it. 

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