New Jersey Saw a Major Drop In The Omicron Cases The Previous Week

According to the latest reports available, the state of New Jersey which was under the panic situation the previous month has started to witness a major dip in the covid 19 cases which comprises mainly omicron variant.

New Jersey Saw a Major Drop In The Omicron Cases The Previous Week

As per the data available with the State Health Department, there is a reduction of more than 95 percent infection cases from covid 19 in the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey Saw a Major Drop In The Omicron Cases The Previous Week

When compared with the data available from the month of January 2022 the graph has started to see a declining position and giving a sigh of relief to the medical agencies and citizens of the state. 

New Jersey recorded around 1625 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours. In the month of January 2022, the state was recording around 28000 seven-day average daily cases which are decreasing every single day in New Jersey. Also, there is a dip of around 35 percent in the covid cases on Saturday. 

Although, the medical experts in the state are claiming the fact that the reduction is due to the low testing rate on the weekends. Also, the storm might arrive soon and people are preferring to stay at home, giving fewer chances for the virus to spread faster.  

The current seven-day average is approximately 2600 and a major decline of over 50 percent. It is expected by the healthcare professionals in the state that the peak time has already arrived and soon the cases will reduce further and people will be able to work normally.

Although the rise of the new subtype of the omicron variant, BA.2 is still under the scrutiny of the researchers and it is highly expected that substrain will show true colors in the upcoming weeks. 

The schools were not working at full capacity and the administration of the kids was also messed up giving the covid more leverage to disturb the education system. 

As per the reports available, the New Jersey Governor has announced to remove the mask mandate rule amongst the school-going children from the second week of March 2022.

Governor Phil Murphy announced during the briefing that from March 7, there will be no compulsion on the children to wear masks on the school premises. 

The Government is trying to increase the vaccination rate in the state and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest.

Also, the booster doses have been made mandatory for the health care workers in New Jersey and a deadline will be set in some days to get the front line workers vaccinated and boosted.

Governor is in direct contact with the Federal Government to build an effective medical system, curbing cases and shortage of the medical supplies and nurses in the state has been under control now. 

The administration is taking some more major steps in the upcoming days to protect the citizens and allow them to work smoothly.

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