New Jersey To Lift The Masking Mandate As COVID Cases Plunge

The New Jersey State has been claiming to be settling down and following the path of taking its citizens towards normalcy. To achieve this the state government and medical agencies in New Jersey have been working hard to safeguard lives. 

New Jersey To Lift The Masking Mandate As COVID Cases Plunge

According to the hospital data available, the kids who have been badly affected by the omicron variant of covid 19 in the United States and New Jersey are not untouched by this strain. 

New Jersey To Lift The Masking Mandate As COVID Cases Plunge

During the delta strain outbreak, New Jersey was badly hurt and huge numbers of people were dead and by the time the stability was achieved, omicron came and again made the situation uncomfortable for the state.

The schools in the state have seen the worst scenarios and there is a huge loss to the education system. Parents were reluctant to send their children to the schools because of the rising omicron variant cases and also, the school administration was also infected by the infection. 

Keeping in mind such situations, the Governor of New Jersey made it mandatory for the kids and school authorities to wear masks on the school premises. 

Amidst the gradually stabilizing situations, the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, made an announcement on Monday regarding the lifting of the mask mandate in the schools of New Jersey. Along with the spread of coronavirus,  a lot of research work and experiments are also on the go. The health experts continuously look for variations being exhibited by the variants and in what ways they can affect the people. 

The decision has been taken by the Government due to the reduction in the covid 19 cases, with this the hospital admissions and death rate have declined further in the State.

As per the officials, the cases are not on a spike and the lifting of the mandate is likely to be in effect from 7 March as the schools will reopen.

The state has witnessed a downfall of cases by almost 95 percent and the state healthcare department confirmed the information on Monday that around 1600 cases were detected. 

However, according to the reports available, it depends on the school authorities and conditions prevailing locally to decide whether masks should be made mandatory for all the staff and students coming to school.

Till now, masks remain the primary source of protection for everyone in the country and according to a report, masks save the initial infection rate by 90 percent.

Also, while deciding on the mask mandate rule for the school kids, it too needs to be kept in mind that several adult people and children of 5-11 years are still not vaccinated and are comparatively more vulnerable to infection than others.

Therefore, it is necessary that the authorities look at the situation from every angle and then arrive at a conclusion. 

The healthcare officials are claiming that the government must address the parents widely and encourage them to allow their kids to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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