A Nod From Manchin And Murkowski To Reform Electoral Count Act

6th of January 2021, a huge crowd of 2000 to 2500 supporters of Former President Donald Trump gathered at the Capitol building, Washington DC, and executed an attack there which resulted in 5 deaths shocking the entire nation. This made experts raise arguments on reforming the laws to prevent the losing party from creating havoc at the decisions of the electoral college.

A Nod From Manchin And Murkowski To Reform Electoral Count Act

Electoral Count Act 1887 is a United States law that guides the counting of votes during presidential elections. The need for change in this law was the talk of the town after January 2021. Now, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin have given a nod for the reformation of the act. 

A Nod From Manchin And Murkowski To Reform Electoral Count Act

Former President Donald Trump has indirectly pointed out the drawbacks in the Electoral Count Act 1887 by the exploitation performed by him in 2021 says the Senators. He wanted Mike Pence, Vice-president then, to revoke the Presidential election in 2020 with a false claim that the Vice-president has the authority to overturn the election. Though the Electoral Count Act 1887 is not clear it doesn’t give power to the Vice-President to rescind the election. 

These misconceptions have made the two Senators abide to improve the Act which has earned the hold up by 20 senators. The dual-party group of discussion is led by Republican of Maine, Senator Susan Collins. This group contains Senator Angus King, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Richard J. Durbin along with Senators Mr. Manchin and Ms. Murkowski.

A draft of the judicial text of the Electoral Count Act was issued by Mr.King to overcome the shortcomings of the previously existing Act. The changes to be made in the act are:

  • Rejection of states elector cannot be done by Vice-President 
  • After election day electors cannot be appointed by state legislatures which leads to change in election results.
  • Additional time can be provided for acceptable recounts and legal actions.
  • To list the unwillingness to electors and electoral votes through specific justification. 
  • To consider objections by the congress with a minimum threshold.
  • Considering Objections only if both the chambers of Congress aid. 

Mr. Manchin says that their effort to recompose the act is appreciated by other senators. It will be Absolutely passed, Mr. Trump’s act on 6th January 2021 has made us analyze the shortcomings of the act. 

Ms. Murkowski says that the reformation will include additional points on democracy protection and defense for electoral workers against threat and harassment. The act must ensure the protection of election workers. 

This news drew much feedback from different groups of people and it also got criticism from some republicans.

Mr. King addressed him and his team’s work to be unbiased and non-partial. It includes the work of liberal and conservative scholars. Together by joining Ms. Collins’s group, we can produce an effective law. 

Republican members of the house Committee Ms. Cheney and Mr. Kinzinger were the only persons involved in the investigation of the attack that happened on 6th January 2021. It was found that several deaths and about 150 policemen were injured. 

Mr. Pence’s former chief of staff, Mr. Short, spoke in favor of Mr.Pence that, Being a primary member of the case I did not view any legal political conversation. Some advisors have given Mr.Trump some scamming, novel, and random advice on what the Vice-President can do. The committee lawyers and the officers of Mr. Pence were in talks on the agreement. It is hard for me to watch the scenario open out.

Two senators Mr. Manchin and Ms. Murkowski having intended to create a strong reformation in the Electoral Count Act are discussing with the other senators and legal scholars to make it fit and overcome the shortcomings of the pre-existing act. The Bi-party system is expected to work with the union in the absence of bias under Senator Susan Collins.

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