Transition To Normalcy Plan Still Unknown, People Need To Start Moving On 

The COVID crisis has been achieving new records since the moment it began and has caused a lot of trouble to all the countries across the globe. It has not been an easy task to handle the situation calmly by the healthcare administration.

Transition To Normalcy Plan Still Unknown, People Need To Start Moving On 

The medical authorities need to reach a decision as quickly as possible so as to avoid chaos in the nation. People have struggled a lot both mentally and physically and now wish to know greatly how life after a pandemic would be. It is a big question if life would come back to normal again.

Transition To Normalcy Plan Still Unknown, People Need To Start Moving On 

According to the latest statistics available with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 900,000 American citizens have lost their lives in the past two years due to the covid 19 virus. It has been expected that soon the United States will record 100 million infection cases.

The healthcare officials and government authorities too are thinking about what will come next once things get back to normalcy. The plan of returning back to transition and going through has not been laid down by the agencies yet.

There is no clear plan for how things will be executed in the upcoming days. At present, the focus is on fighting with omicron. 

Although, the rise of the new subtype of omicron is unknown and the medical experts are stating that people need to understand the severity of the situation and must follow all the protocols as we never know how contagious BA.2 is. 

The White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator stated about what transition could look like, and he commented that the plan is not clear still and the White House Administration is focusing majorly on the strategies to deal with the existing omicron virus.

Also, a subvariant named BA.2 has also developed that is more contagious than omicron and not much is known about the severity levels. 

However, it still remains unclear whether COVID 19 still holds an effect in the lives of people that it can affect the process of transition as well. The important point here is that the omicron variant does not hold the potential to let people develop some serious disease.

It is the major duty of the people and the government is urging all the citizens to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible and get a booster shot to increase their immunity levels. According to the reports, a booster shot when added to a body generates more antibodies than the two initial vaccine doses.

The booster has been developed by the health experts and people are being asked to follow up with their schedule.

Those who have completed the primary series of vaccination need to get their booster shots as soon as possible. Millions of US households have ordered their testing kits.

This points towards the fact that people have become more conscious about their health. The initiative is highly appreciated as it helps the people to come forward and take action.

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