The US CDC Warns Citizens To Be More Cautious

The US CDC warns citizens to be more cautious even though the hospitalization rate and infection rate declines in the US. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been working day and night to plan and strategize to curb the rising cases of the covid 19 virus.

The US CDC Warns Citizens To Be More Cautious

The CDC has been directing all the state authorities and state health care departments to meet the guidelines laid by the Central government to fight against the coronavirus in the country.

The US CDC Warns Citizens To Be More Cautious

As per the medical experts in the country, the omicron wave has passed now the cases are reducing drastically in some parts of the country. The state of New Jersey has reported 95 percent fewer cases when compared to the previous weeks. The same is the case with Ohio where the state has recorded more than 50 percent lower cases. 

According to the latest updates on Covid infections, the positivity rate in the country is now less than 4% and this gives a sigh of relief to the Government, medical agencies, and especially the citizens of the country.

This is the lowest number since the rapid surge in cases observed in the country since 26th November. However, CDC warns the citizens to be more cautious and follow all the safety protocols due to the highly transmissible nature of the Omicron variant. 

According to the statistics, omicron covered more than 98 percent of the total covid 19 cases in the US. It must be noted that the country saw the highest death rate and hospitalization percentage during this winter peak. 

The CDC states that even though there has been a substantial decline in the number of Covid cases in the US, there is a need to be agile. It requests its citizens to stay attentive and take precautionary steps to avoid infection contraction.

Also, with the introduction of a new subvariant of the original omicron strain in the US, it becomes tough for the medical agencies to allow citizens to roam freely without following the rules and regulations laid by the CDC.

CDC urges people to follow all Covid-19 related safety protocols. It emphasizes the role of vaccination to bring the situation under control. The authorization of the Covid vaccine has been one of the significant decisions.

Vaccines have been one of the most important tools in our fight against coronavirus. Getting vaccinated, wearing masks at public places, washing hands at regular intervals plays a prominent role in keeping the spread of the virus under check. 

Looking at the declining trend in the number of Covid-19 cases, it is now believed that the Biden administration will be soon evaluating the next steps to be taken and there is a possibility of easing some restrictions in the country. But with BA.2 complete restrictions won’t be lifted soon. 

The CDC and medical experts are quite sure that the end of the Omicron variant is soon to arrive. However, one needs to be vigilant and follow all the precautionary measures to lower the risk of infection contraction. 

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