Deaths In The US, Why In The Developed Country And Not In Others

The contemporary mortality survey of 2020 has reported a 7.7% increase in the world mortality rate which is not just an uncomplicated % but a very inkling warning that alerts us that the human population is not far from reaching its end. The WHO even provided the latest available data on causes of mortality and how it can be alleviated.

Deaths In The US, Why In The Developed Country And Not In Others

This problem of increasing deaths has abundant concerns all over the world and it even alerts us that widespread measures are required to be taken in order to relieve this rising issue of death expansion. When the surveys were nationally analyzed by the maverick countries and ranked according to their mortality rates the United States was ranked at one of the highest positions after bijou countries like Lesotho, Lithuania, and many others.

Deaths In The US, Why In The Developed Country And Not In Others

The United States is one of the most strategic and powerful countries that has suffered mortality at considerable rates because of its lack of sincerity in many serious aspects of life which are necessary to be taken care of. 

The WHO and HMD reported that mortality rates in the United States are considerably higher at all ages below 70 years and they, with concerning notions, asserted that mortality rates at ages 15 to 50 years are gradually worsening throughout the period. 

The NIOSH, NCI, NCHS, and many health departments collectively debated the main rationale of the expansion of US deaths. The reports and surveys affirmed that the main reason for increasing deaths in the United States was consuming excessive carcinogenic junk food such as pizza, burgers, cheese, and disgusting non-vegetarian items that are very menacing for the health.

Not only the junk food but they also consumed alcoholic beverages such as vodka, port, brandy, etc that are the main reasons for the evolution of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. Whereas it was also delineated that the consumption of healthy food such as cereals, pulses, green vegetables was almost 0.5% of their diet while the rest was junk and alcoholic foods. This led to an increase in the number of patients in the hospitals of the United States. 

While the other reason for the death expansion in the country was the attempt of suicide which became the main reason for US deaths. The reports also affirmed that the majority age group which attempted suicide in the country was 15- 30 years. And the main reason for the attempt to suicide was because of stress and mental health disorder which currently became prominent during the covid period because the people couldn’t socialize with each other and express their feelings.

While the government of the country took tremendous measures to alleviate the problem of suicide venture by organizing free meetings of the patients with the psychologists in order to recover from the disorder. 

American Association of suicidology (AAS) was also created by the US government and it was aimed at the development and training of professional training programs to mental and physical health providers regarding suicidal individuals. This association indeed played an important role in the deduction of suicidal attempts in the country and even helped worldwide for the same. Another main reason was the highly transmissible coronavirus which evoluted in the year 2019 and took many lives.

After China, the covid-19 took an enormous number of lives in the United States. The evolution of coronavirus did not do good in the country because it almost took  9.4lakh lives from the country. The recklessness and lack of obedience of the people in the country cost them their lives and even taught them a big lesson of carelessness. 

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