The Omicron Strain Rate Reducing Very Fast, CDC Reports ⅔ Less Cases

The rise of the new variant of the covid 19 virus in the United States was sudden as it was less expected by the medical experts in the country that omicron strain will travel at such a high speed, hospitalizing millions and killing thousands of American Citizens.

The Omicron Strain Rate Reducing Very Fast, CDC Reports ⅔ Less Cases

Although the delta variant is still considered as the most lethal strain of the initial covid 19 virus surely it was less contagious. On the other hand, the omicron was of totally opposite nature, meaning, it was less severe but very highly transmissible because of the high number of mutations present in the virus.  

The Omicron Strain Rate Reducing Very Fast, CDC Reports ⅔ Less Cases

The peak time of the omicron variant started during the Christmas festive season and by the time the New Year holidays ended in the country, it became the most dominant variant by covering more than 90 percent of the cases.

According to the report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the deaths in the country have been administered from the unvaccinated population and it shows the importance of vaccination.

Since the start of February month, the cases have started to see a huge dip and have increased by more than 65 percent. The omicron variant is less severe and also it leads to more severe hospital admissions and the highest death rate when compared to the previous winter peak where the vaccination rate was less than 20 percent. 

As per the latest stats available, the country is now witnessing around 200,000 average daily cases but the mortality rate is rising. On average daily death rate is around 2400 cases.

More than 50 percent of the states have started to report 70 percent fewer cases and fewer hospital admissions. 

The mask mandate rule has become the talk of the debates and the states have announced to remove the mask mandate policy for the school kids and also ease down the indoor mask rule for its citizens from the month of March. 

The Government has been working hard on reviving the education system in the country and making schools a safer place for the kids.

Although currently, a few states have decided to lift the mask rule in the schools and some other states will start following the trend. It must be noted that the virus travels faster and the young kids are more prone to the infection and if the mask rule is abolished in the state it might become tough to handle future situations. 

The vaccination rate amongst the kids is very poor and not as per the benchmark set by the medical experts. The parents also need to be educated so that kids can get vaccinated.

In the month of January, The US CDC also made it clear that the kids can decide and receive the vaccination without any approval from the parents or guardians.

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