States May Lift The Mask Mandate Rule As Cases Decreases In The US

The Covid 10 virus has been the most dangerous disease according to the World Health Organization and has killed more than 6 million people around the globe. 

States May Lift The Mask Mandate Rule As Cases Decreases In The US

During the early outbreak of the coronavirus, the mask was considered to be the most important tool and till now according to the experts, wearing masks can reduce the initial chances of getting caught with the infection and keep safe. 

States May Lift The Mask Mandate Rule As Cases Decreases In The US

The rise of the omicron variant in the United States was sudden and in just a matter of time, the new strain was able to overtake the lethal delta version.

The average daily cases in the US surpassed more than 850,000 during mid-January 2022 and out of which 98 percent of the cases were covered by the omicron variant. 

Right now, the COVID 19 cases are declining at a much faster pace in the US than expected. With continuous efforts and several strategies of the White House Administration and medical agencies, the country has been able to fight and deal with the deadly coronavirus infection.

The various strains developed one by one and had a devastating effect on the lives of the people, killing thousands of citizens every day. 

While the delta variant was highly threatful, omicron on the other hand was comparatively less severe but highly contagious and carried 50 mutations which made it more transmissible. 

The cases have now fallen by two-thirds after the peak weeks and it is a sigh of relief for everyone. Gradually, the people are feeling relieved after such a long time of struggle and patience.

There was chaos in the nation and the hospitals were overstressed. The states are now expecting much more improvement now. The doctors and staff members are also relaxed upon the reduction in the number of hospitalizations. 

According to the latest updates, it is expected that the states may announce the lifting of mask mandates in several areas where the cases have reduced drastically. In accordance with the decrease in the number of cases, this decision might be taken shortly to ease down indoor masking rules also.

Some states like New Jersey where the covid cases have been reduced by 95 percent have announced to lift the mask mandate rule from March. On the other hand, Ohio is also planning the same where the number of cases has reduced by more than 50 percent.

The debate is going around if masks should be continued in schools as not all children are vaccinated and it is a place that increases the scope of contact. So, there is a possibility of developing many infections at such places.

The administration needs to think more wisely on this and the court needs to take the right decision on behalf of the safety of school and college children.

Also, the medical agencies need to focus more on vaccinating more and more kids in the US so as to improve the immune system and generate more antibodies to fight the new variants of the Covid 19.

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