Increasing Time Gap Between Vaccine Shots To 8 Weeks Will Be Effective

The vaccination has proven to be the most important and effective tool to safeguard the lives of US citizens from the deadly covid 19 virus. Coronavirus vaccine was first made available for all adults of 65 years and above on 18 December 2020 and since its introduction, the country has witnessed more than 205 million vaccinations done.

 Increasing Time Gap Between Vaccine Shots To 8 Weeks Will Be Effective

In America, everyone above 5 years is eligible to receive initial two doses of the vaccines of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Although for the kids less than 5 years, the vaccination is under development, and according to Pfizer and The US Food and Drug Administration, it will be available for emergency use by mid of March 2022. 

Increasing Time Gap Between Vaccine Shots To 8 Weeks Will Be Effective

According to the US CDC, the time gap between the first and second dose is around 3 weeks for the Pfizer and 4 weeks for the Moderna vaccine.

Now, there are speculations that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to increase the time gap between receiving the initial and second dose of the covid 19 vaccine.

As per the CDC officials, few studies were conducted and the results were found positive the agency is planning to expand the time gap to 8 weeks for every vaccine. 

The major reason stated behind this move is that it will provide more efficiency. An expansion in the time between 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccine will improve the effectiveness of both doses.

During the outbreak of the new variant omicron, the initial doses of covid vaccines were found to be less effective and medical researchers were working on finding new ways to make it effective and efficient in the long run. 

Also, according to the medical experts in the United States, this time expansion will generate much-required antibodies to fight the future strains with higher levels of effectiveness. 

Also, the medical experts have stated that this step will also help in coping with heart inflammatory problems. The previous week the US CDC announced that both Pfizer and Moderna have the risk of Myocarditis.

The fact is Moderna carries a larger risk of Myocarditis, a rare heart inflammation problem when compared to the Pfizer vaccine. 

The CDC advisory committee has been witnessing more results that will help the citizens to remain safe and protected after receiving the doses of vaccination. 

Although these are only recommendations made by the advisory group and further decisions will be taken after more data and results. After analysis, the step will be taken.

Last month, the US CDC reduced the time interval between the initial two doses of vaccine and booster shots. Earlier the time gap was 6 months which was further reduced to 5 months keeping in mind the current scenario. 

Currently, around 35 percent of the US population is not vaccinated and the government is trying its level best to provide all necessary support to the citizens to get vaccinated at the earliest.

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