CDC: Tracing Home-Based Testing Results Is Impossible

When President Biden from the stage of the White House announced to provide millions of free testing kits to the people of the United States by March 2022, Although the move was hailed by many medical experts in the country, on the other hand, a few experts claimed that the CDC is not able to track the positive reports from the home-based testing.

CDC: Tracing Home-Based Testing Results Is Impossible

It is very difficult and next to impossible to track down the number of positive cases from the household which carried at-house testing when detected with symptoms of the virus.

CDC Tracing Home-Based Testing Results Is Impossible

Some healthcare officials stated that what is the authenticity of the data available with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The number of Covid 19 infection cases in the US have declined considerably since the last two weeks. There is substantial joy and relief amongst citizens of the country as now they can go out with some ease. The Americans are hoping to get back to normal soon although medical experts have different opinions. 

However, despite the reduction in the number of Covid 19 cases across the US, the center urges its citizens to be agile and attentive. It requests its citizens to wear masks in public, maintain social distance, sanitize frequently, and get the dose of vaccination. 

Moreover, CDC also confirms that the latest records and data on the Covid infection cases is only based on the laboratory test, which means through nasal testing.

The Centre clarifies that it has not reckoned the results of the test at home covid 19 kits. The rapid Covid 19 kits were introduced to reduce the burden on the laboratory and boost testing in different parts of the country due to the rising cases of the Omicron variant. 

The home-based Covid 19 test allows one to quickly test at home but it is not recommended by many experts as it requires multiple testing at times to find the correct and accurate results.

The rapid tests were authorized amidst the surge of the Omicron variant in the country and the President Administration will provide 1 billion free antigen-based rapid testing kits to the entire population.

Further, verification of the self-test is complicated and there is a high possibility that the data obtained is unreliable and sometimes it is untrackable.

Therefore, the surveillance of Covid 19 tests continues on the basis of the laboratory test results which is an effective means of testing, and the accuracy of the results is much better than the home-based testing. 

The citizens can order the rapid Covid 19 test kits by visiting the official website of the federal government. The CDC also issued a guideline stating the citizens who have tested positive on the rapid test kit must get themselves registered with the Public Healthcare Department as it will be beneficial to track the number of daily cases in the US.

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