Did Sway Bentley’s Boyfriend Shoot The Famous Twin Rapp Sisters’ Father?

Did Sway Bentley’s Boyfriend Shoot The Famous Twin Rapp Sisters’ Father?. The twin sisters, Sway Bentley and Allie Bentley are famous social media personalities who became popular because of their raps and Tik Tok videos. Swat Bentley and Allie Bentley, who calls themselves “FamOus Twins” have millions of followers on Tik Tok and Instagram.

The sisters have been using various methods to gather fame and popularity among social media users. Now the famous twin sister has become ‘talk of the town’ after the tragic death of their 47-year old father, James Walters.

It is not the death of James Walter that made the twins ‘talk of the town’ but is the event of their father’s death. The twin sisters have also created an account for the funds needed for the burial of their father named ‘Go Fund Me’. Both Sway and Allie Bentley shared the photos of James Walter on their Instagram with the caption ‘real hero’

Tragic Death Of The Famous Twin Tik Tok Sisters’ Father

Based on reports, James Walter was shot on June 29 which led to his tragic death. It is unclear what led to the shooting but many speculations suggested that it has something to do with a fight between the two sisters and it was Sway Bentley’s friend, who shoot James Walters.

Tragic Death Of The Famous Twin Tik Tok Sisters' Father

A video of James Walter’s last moment has gone viral on social media in which the twins can be heard saying sorry to their father and are crying and screaming.

According to NBC15, the event that led to the death of James Walter was a heated argument between the twin sisters. Sway Bentley and Allie Bentley allegedly signed a record with a local rapper and the money of the record was deposited into their bank accounts.

The sisters were having a debate about the money that is deposited into their accounts and the argument necessitated the involvement of the twin sisters’ parents.

Allie and Sway Bentley’s parents drive down to their house to settle the issue of the fund. Some speculation says that when James Walter arrived at the twin sisters’ house, Sway Bentley’s boyfriend was present in the scene and James asked Sway’s boyfriend to leave the house, he refused to leave.

This triggered an argument between James Walter and Sway Bentley’s boyfriend. Both men were armed and Sway Bentley’s boyfriend shoot James Walter and were killed. 

Sway Bentley’s boyfriend’s name is Henry Stevenson who is also a young aspiring rapper and a social media personality. Henry was accused of shooting the twin sisters’ father but there was not enough evidence to prove the accusation.

There is not much information about Henry Stevenson and he has not been arrested for the murder. 

The twin sisters, Sway Bentley, and Allie Bentley was born on February 11, 2000, in Mobile, Alabama, United States. Both the sisters are celebrity rappers of Alabama.

Both the sisters together have released several rap songs and some of their famous songs are ‘Who Want It’, ‘First Day Out’, and ‘Take Your Man’. The twin sisters have about 1.2 million followers on Tik Tok and have about 30k followers on Instagram.

The famous twins had many heated arguments before and one of the arguments also led to the arrest of Allie Bentley for domestic violence as she was seen hurting Sway in a live Instagram video.

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