newsSome Lesser Known Facts About The Turkish-American Billionaire Businesswomen...

Some Lesser Known Facts About The Turkish-American Billionaire Businesswomen Eren Ozmen


Some Lesser Known Facts About The Turkish-American Billionaire Businesswomen Eren Ozmen. Eren Ozmen, the co-owner and president of Sierra Nevada Corporation is the role model of many women aspiring to be an entrepreneur and businesswomen.

Many of you might know Eren Ozmen as the owner of Sierra Nevada Corporation who along with her husband Fatih Ozmen, SNC’s CEO has built a small startup firm into a multi-million global company.

There’s more about Eren Ozmen that the public doesn’t know, let’s look at Eren Ozmen, beyond the co-owner of Sierra Nevada Corporation

Eren Ozmen Biography

Eren Ozmen was born on November 7, 1950, and is 70 years old. Ozmen was born and brought up in Turkey and she later moved to the United States of America in the early 1980s for her higher education.

Eren Ozmen

Eren Ozmen completed her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nevada in the year 1985. Followed by her graduation from the university, she joined Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) in 1988.

After joining SNC, Eren Ozmen got married to Fatih Ozmen and the couple acquired the company in 1994. Eren Ozmen’s husband, Fatih Ozmen is also a graduate of the University of Nevada and has completed his M.S Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Fatih Ozmen joined SNC as an engineering intern in 1981. Currently, the Ozmens are residing in Reno, Nevada. Eren Ozmen has a son with her husband, Fatih Ozmen, Karem Ozmen

Eren Ozmen Career

After completing her education at the University of Nevada, Eren Ozmen joined SNC in the year 1988. Eren Ozmen had a different perspective of the management company and she wanted to incorporate a family-friendly corporate culture in SNC.

As result, she founded on-site daycare for the employee’s children. In 1994, Eren Ozmen with her Fatih Ozmen acquired SNC when the company had about only 20 employees. Later, Sierra Nevada Corporation was expanded into 19 companies in 34 locations in the United States, England, Germany, and Turkey.

In 2014, the Ozmens donated a fund of 5 million to the University of Nevada for a permanent center for entrepreneurship in the university which was later named as the ‘The Ozmen Centre of Entrepreneurship’. In 2016, the entrepreneurship center introduced a Women’s Initiative to support and connect with female entrepreneurs in the community.

In 2017, Eren Ozmen and her husband launched Ozmen Ventures, which is an early-stage venture capital fund headquartered in Reno and the Ozmens invested 5 million USD into the venture.

Under the management of Ozmens, SNC became the top women-owned Government A&D contractor and was also among the list of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Space.

Eren Ozmen Awards And Recognitions

As the owner and president of SNC and an innovative businesswoman, Eren Ozmen has received many awards and recognitions.

  • Honorary Doctorate from University of Nevada (2016)
  • Women Role Model of the Year
  • Top 10 Influential Turkish American-TurkOfAmerica
  • Meet the Woman behind this Spaceship-
  • America’s Richest Self-Made Women
  • Living Legends of Aviation
  • Aviation Entrepreneurs of the Year
  • Most Influential Turkish American Women, No.2, TurkofAmerica]

Eren Ozmen Net Worth

As of 2022, Eren Ozmen has a net worth of 1.4 billion US dollars and is a self-made billionaire. Eren Ozmen is serving as the president and chairwoman of SNC while her husband, Fatih Ozmen holds the position of CEO.

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