Alpo Martinez, The American Drug Lord: Wife, Son, Early Life, Death, Net Worth, And More Explored!

Alpo Martinez, the notorious drug dealer still remains a popular name in the history of drug dealers in the United States of America. Alpo Martinez, famously known as Alpo started his illegal business in New York City and was a drug boss in the 1980s. The drug dealer was arrested for drug dealings, murder, and various other crimes. His reign as a drug lord lasted till 1980 and during his times as a drug dealer, he established his illegal business circle from New York to Washington DC.

Who was Alpo Martinez?

Alpo Martinez, popularly known as  Alpo or Po was born on June 8, 1996, in East Harlem, Upper Manhattan, New York City is an American drug dealer. His full name is Albert Geddis Martinez. He was raised by his single mother with his sibling in East Harlem. Alpo Martinez was admitted to the Julia Richmond High School, Roman Catholic High School Automotive Mechanical High School but dropped out of every school. Alpo Martinez is a Puerto Rico descent. Alpo was an American by nationality and was of black ethnicity. Alpo Martinez died at the age of 55 in Harlem on October 31, 2021. 

Alpo Martinez, The American Drug Lord

How did Alpo Martinez become a drug dealer?

Alpo Martinez stepped into the world of drug business at the age of 13 when he sold drugs in East Harlem. Later he met Azie Fason, a Westside Harlem drug dealer who is popularly known as “AZ”, Martinez began his involvement in the chain of drug dealers in Harlem. Later, Martinez became one of the biggest drug dealers in Harlem. Eventually, Alpo Martinez extended his drug dealings to Washington DC, where he was involved with many underground gangs and expanded his drug business all over Washington DC. Martinez met his bodyguard and hitmen Wayne Silk Perry in Washington DC. Wayne Silk Perry was also a gangster and D.C. enforcer. 

When was Alpo Martinez arrested?

Alpo Martinez’s first indictment was in 1990 with two other men on federal drug charges and the indictment was dismissed as Martinez remained a fugitive during the trial period of the charges. His first arrest was on November 7, 1991, and he was arrested in Washington DC and was charged the case of conspiracy with murder, drug dealing, and murder of 14 people including drug dealers like Anthony Salters and Demencio Benson. During the trial period, Martinez turned against the members of his organization in order to reveal himself from the death penalty or life imprisonment. Martinez was sent to prison for 35 years. Alpo Martinez was released from federal prison in 2015.

How did Alpo Martinez die?

Alpo Martinez was found shot and killed in Harlem on 31 October 2021 at the age of 55. The drug lord was seen dead in his pickup truck at 3:30 in the morning and was reported to be dead by the time Martinez reached Harlem Hospital Center. NYPD wasn’t able to find the assailant of Martinez but some claim that it was done by Rich Potter’s family. Some people believe that Martinez was killed by the boyfriend of a woman that he has been sleeping with.

Who is Alpo Martinez’s son?

Alpo Martinez’s son is the musical artist Popperazzi Po whose real name is Randy Harvey. Popperazzi Po is known for many hit songs like Show Me, City Wit Demons, and Shilly Shh. He is also the CEO of Label 03GMG. There is not any information on the wife of Alpo Martinez but she had been seen in the trails of Alpo Martinez on his side.

What was the net worth of Alpo Martinez?

Alpo Martinez had an estimated net worth of one million US dollars. He made all his fortune and wealth through drug dealing and other illegal activities.

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