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Toei Animation has finally published the most-awaited episode of SDBH after the longest wait. The outcomes of all the current matches were ultimately revealed in the previous episode. Both Gokus ended up winning their battles alongside their respective opponents.

 However, it was discovered that all of the contestants who had lost their bouts had been eliminated. This infuriated Xeno Trunks, who also was prepared to fight the Black Warriors. The same plot will be continued in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43. As a result, here’s all you really need to read about the episode.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43 Release Date

Goku will now have to try to prevent Xeno Trunks from engaging in a terrible fight in the next episode. There’s a good chance that now the black warriors will be revealed in the following events later in the show. Is it conceivable that they are the individuals that were first eliminated? 

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43 Release Date: Threat Of The Black Warriors!

Previous Episode Recap

Only seven minutes remained in the 42nd edition of SDBH for the match to be completed. Both Gokus had overcome their opponents and were now squaring off against each other.

Yamcha had already conquered the Time Faries at this point, allowing him to win the battle. The other contestants, on the other hand, we’re unable to advance to the following round. Suddenly, a ring of combatants dressed in dark cloaks encircled the whole stadium.

All of the participants who had not returned were obliterated from existence, according to the bigger guy in the cloak. This infuriated Xeno Trunks, who considered assaulting the leader.

The shrouded people appear uncannily familiar to Goku and Piccolo. When Aios entered, the struggle was over. As presented herself as the “Selector of Space-Time” at the end of the last episode.

What Will Happen Next?

By the end of the latest episode, the theme of the following one had been revealed. “A Fierce Battle That Transcends Space-Time!” is the title of the 43rd episode.

Warriors in Black Pose a Threat!” In the following episode, we’ll see how Xeno Trunks chooses to confront the black cloak warriors. Since Goku and Piccolo realized the black warriors seemed familiar, Aios was the previous Supreme Kai of Time.

The secret of the black-cloaked warriors will be explored in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43. If Goku’s theory is correct, these fighters must be the ones who failed to compete in the last battle. In addition, the battle with Trunks will be analyzed in the following episode.

Release Date

The menace of the Black Warriors is looming over the Saiyans once more. As of now, there is no announced release date for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43. The release is usually confirmed a few days prior to the debut. As a result, the episode will be released in April. 


You can watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes on any of the streaming channels:

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  • DVD

If you are wondering if Dragon Ball Super is and Super Dragon Ball Heroes are connected then you are wrong. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not a sequel to Super Dragon Ball. It’s a game, after all. The cartoon was made as part of a promotion and marketing campaign.

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