Positively Yours Chapter 84 Season 2 Updates!! Release Date, love Story And More

After a lengthy wait, the next chapter of Positively Yours is finally here. On the other hand, this time, the readers will have to wait a long time. For the time being, the release of the second season has been postponed.

Positively Yours Chapter 84 Season 2 Updates!! Release Date,love Story

Until then, the creators are providing fans with side narrative chapters. Positively Yours Chapter 84, which is part of the same series, will be

released this week. Fans are excited to see Byeo-Ri and Jun-Seo again this time. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming chapter.

Positively Yours

The promised date of Jang Tae-Woo and Kang Se-Hyun will take place in the upcoming chapter. The other females are envious of Kang’s lack

of interest in them, as revealed in the previous chapter. So it’ll be fascinating to watch where they go on a date now.

Our beloved Byeo-Ri and Jun-Seo may return in the upcoming episode of Positively Yours. As a result, strap up and get ready to meet them in Positively Yours Chapter 84.

On April 9, 2022, the chapter will be released. On the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage, all chapters of the manhwa will be available. 

Positively Yours Chapter 84 Season 2 Story What Next??

The 83rd segment of Positively Yours began with Jang Tae Woo and Kang Se Hyun clashing once more. Jang questioned him about why he didn’t miss her as much as he used to.

Instead of responding to the question, he kissed her and told her that he still missed her. Jang realized they had had a moment that she would remember for the rest of her life much later in the night. She got a call later that night from Kang urging her to come to his apartment.

She went there without a second thought, assuming he required assistance. But it wasn’t anything like she had imagined. Kang had merely contacted her to invite her to spend the night with him.

On-campus the other day, the two of them were quite close. The other lady became envious of Jang as a result of this. They set a date for the next day at the end of the chapter.


Se Hyun’s extra story 2 came to an end in the 83rd chapter. Positively Yours has been dealing with side storylines for the previous nine chapters. These outlines are merely made to make place for the second season’s premiere.

However, there is still time till the sequel is out. Byeo-Ri and Jun-Seo may be reintroduced into the plot in Chapter 84 of Positively Yours. Their narrative was likewise left incomplete following their youth school contests.

As a result, the following chapter will go more into their current relationship. All these two used to do was quarrel and make fun of one other in the past, and things may not be the same now that they’re dating.

In the following episode of Positively Yours, we’ll see how these two are coping with high school and personal life at the same time. That’s all we know so far; stay tuned for more updates.

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