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Date A Live Season 4 Episode 1: Shido & Tohka’s Love Life!! Release Date, Trailer And More


The wait for Date a Live Season 4 has finally come to a conclusion. The first episode of the anime will arrive on our screens in just a few days.

The creators of Date A Live Season 4 Episode 1 have provided teaser photographs in order to build anticipation for the premiere.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 1: Shido & Tohka’s Love Life!!

So, what’s going to happen in the first episode? Will the tale begin from the beginning, or will it pick up where Season 3 left off? So there you have it: all you need to know about the episode.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 1

Throughout the next season, viewers may expect to see how Shido and Tohka’s relationship has evolved.

The plot’s examination of Shido’s talents, on the other hand, will be more important. There’s a chance that if his powers aren’t under control, humanity may suffer a horrible calamity.

Shido and Tohka’s love story will be brought back to the forefront in the next season of Date A Live. Simultaneously, the action and drama will continue.

So, on April 8, 2022, Date A Live Season 4 Episode 1 will premiere, kicking off the first season. Fans will be able to watch all of the anime

episodes on Crunchyroll’s official sites. If there are any additional updates concerning the upcoming season, you will be notified right here.

We previously observed a surge in Shido’s powers at the conclusion of season 3, which was described as a phenomenon produced by the

bond between him and all the spirits he had encountered. According to Reine, his body is warming as a result of the new powers he is producing.

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This flow, however, is insecure, and the only way to keep him safe is for the spirits to kiss him before midnight. On the other hand, Shido escapes from the infirmary and causes havoc in the town.

Shido, who is berserk, also utilizes Yoshino and Miku’s abilities on the locals. Fortunately, the others locate him, but Shido suffers from a condition. Only if they entice him will he stop.

There is a competition to entice Shido. The females dress in swimwear and strip in an attempt to entice him.

Shido is activated, and as the tournament draws to a close, he begins to generate immense power that might create a catastrophic spatial quake. By kissing Shido one by one, the spirits save the day. 

Tohka embraces her feelings for Shido as love at the same moment, and the two share a passionate kiss. The season comes to a close, with the two of them having some alone time.

Shido’s story will be continued in Season 4. With the new abilities at his disposal, he must wonder if he will ever be able to manage them. In addition, new characters will be introduced in the future season.

Mangaka Nia Honjou and Snowflake Mukuro Hoshimiya are two new spirits that will debut in the upcoming season. Fans of the anime will be anticipating their arrival. Lastly, stay tuned for more updates.

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