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Why Black Clover’s Magic Is Better Than Fairy Tail’s??Everything You Need To Know About That!!


Magic is a hallmark of the fantasy manga and anime genres, much as it is in Western fiction. However, because a series is based entirely on

the notion of magic, developing separate mythology around it is less common.

Why Black Clover’s Magic Is Better Than Fairy Tail’s

Hiro Mashima’s fairy story and Yuki Tabata’s black clover establish magicians as important performers in general, allowing them to stand out in their long quest for magic.

Black Clover's Magic Is Better Than Fairy Tail

Because the two shows have so much in common, it’s understandable that there’s some discussion regarding how they compare. When it comes to the nature of magic, though, black clover reigns supreme.

A clear winner has emerged. This isn’t to argue that black clover isn’t useful. Overall, a stronger series; nevertheless, its less interesting villain and the mixed reaction to its protagonist Asta (particularly her voice) show otherwise.

But, Tabata has built a more dynamic and, more importantly, long-lasting System when it comes to magic.

Mashima and Tabata’s approaches to magic are more often similar than different. Thus a true comparison must start there.

In reality, it’s probably more appropriate to state that Tabata formalized Mashima’s work on his idea of magic.

The most significant variations between the two chains of magic are in two key areas: how magic is learned and how closely a form of magic is linked to its user.

It’s hinted that there’s a lot of magic in it, and anybody with enough magical strength to perform it can allegedly learn how to do it.

Lucy, Grey, and all of the Dragon Slayers in the series have been known to learn their particular magic from other users of the same power or at least the root of it.

On the one hand, the enchanted fairy tale’s transferability Mashima characters have greater flexibility than their black clover counterparts, although their power is less distinctive in many circumstances.

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Tabata was clearly looking for ‘black clover.’ The characters possess unique magic that is inextricably linked to their identities. Grimoires and magical characteristics are two themes that he uses to do this. The former is very significant.

Grimoires are spell books that users get on or after their fifteenth birthday, and they contain magical spells that only they have access to. They evolve with their users, starting mainly empty and gradually adding additional spells as they gain experience.

Black clover’s magical properties Fire, water, air, and earth, as well as unusual forms like light and dark magic, are all included.

Each mage is born with a specific attribute and can only use the magic associated with that attribute.In a nutshell, this indicates that mags in black clover are poisonous. 

In the case of the Vermilion and Silva families, a single magical characteristic, such as fire or water magic, may exist. Still, each person’s spells from that attribute are unique to their grimoire.

These two ideas work together to provide the impression that each character is essential. This is exacerbated further by the fact that a mage’s grimoire, as well as all the spells he has learned, vanishes when he dies.

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