ReviewsUltraXTend Reviews – Get A Blazing Fast Speed With...

UltraXTend Reviews – Get A Blazing Fast Speed With This Wi-Fi Extender!


Good day readers, welcome to my UltraXTend review. During this fast-paced life, we rely so much on the internet, that a day without it seems almost impossible, and there is nothing more annoying than a bad or slow internet connection. So what is the solution? Of course, there are some things that we can do to improve the quality like removing signal barriers, repositioning the router, or adjusting the antenna of the router. But this does not seem to solve the real issue. 

UltraXTend Reviews – How Can You Extend Your Wi-Fi Reach Throughout The Whole House?

As an IT specialist and a gadget enthusiast for the past 5 years, what I usually recommend is to plug in a wifi booster. Recently, I came across the new UltraXTend WiFi extender and many people have requested me to review the gadget.

So here in this UltraXTend review, I am going to complete a detailed analysis of this device, which will cover all the aspects that my readers will need to decide whether or not to buy it. So let us get straight into the UltraXTend reviews

UltraXTend Reviews
Product NameUltraXTend
  • Lighting Fast Speed
  • Full compatibility
  • New and improved design
  • Benefits
  • Increases the speed on the internet up to 300Mbps
  • Removes all of the dead zones in the house
  • Superfast data transfer
  • 5Ghz network transmission
  • ConnectionWireless
    Speed offeredUp to 300Mbps
    Money-back policy30 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here!

    What Is UltraXTend Wi-Fi Booster?

    UltraXTend WiFi extender is a wifi boosting device that enhances weak wifi signals by working as a WLAN repeater boosting internet speed and eliminating dead spots. The UltraXTend device comes in a box with a user’s manual, a wireless mini extender, and a cable that will enable you to set up the connection quickly and efficiently.

    The UltraXTend booster is designed to increase the signal range from the router to reach all the corners of your house. The device claims to max up your browsing speed with full compatibility, without causing any extra money. The company says that this tiny device is made with high-quality durable materials and only takes a few minutes to set it up. 

    So why is the product so much hyped? Let us look at the reasons that make UltraXTend Wi-Fi Booster so special.

    UltraXTend Wi-Fi Booster

    Main Features Of UltraXTend Wi-Fi Extender

    The new UltraXTend WiFi enhancer comes with some cutting-edge features:

    • Lighting Fast Speed: The booster can increase your internet speed up to 300 Mbps and offers up to 5 GHz network transmission. 
    • Full compatibility: Multiple devices can be used at the same time. This way you can enjoy 4K resolution while using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or gaming console at the same time. 
    • New and improved design: The new compact design features two built-in antennas, dual LAN ports, and an LED signal strength indicator  
    UltraXTend Features

    How Does UltraXTend Wi-Fi Extender Work?

    The UltraXtend working is quite simple. The wifi extender simply plugs into your power socket. It then picks up the signal from your wifi router and extends the signal. The device is easy to set up and will only take you a few minutes. The UltraXtend device utilizes the inbuilt antennas to extend the wifi range. When the booster is set up, you will notice a new network. Connect to the new network and enjoy a faster and better internet connection. You can test it for yourself by examining the network speeds before and after establishing the wifi enhancer. 

    Benefits Of Using UltraXTend Wi-Fi Booster

    • Enables faster internet speed up to 300 Mbps.
    • 5GHz network transmission.
    • Can connect multiple devices.
    • 4 times more range than the router.

    UltraXTend Wi-Fi Booster Pros & Cons


    • Easy to set up.
    • Compact sized
    • They offer a refund policy.
    • Made using premium quality durable materials.
    • Improved design.
    • Budget-friendly.


    • If the quality of the router is low, it might cause an unreliable network connection. It is important to make sure that your router should be of good quality
    • Electronic interference: The electromagnetic signals emitted by the microwave oven, cellphones, Bluetooth devices, and wireless monitors may cause interference with the signal of UltraXTend and lower the network signal. This is common for all electronic devices that emit signals. So make sure to plug the booster, nowhere near these appliances

    UltraXTend Customer Reviews & Complaints

    Here are a few UltraXtend customer reviews from the users:

    • Louis: “ The wifi at my home does not provide a range in my room. I would have to come out of the room to just scroll down on Instagram feeds. It was really annoying. Finally got my hands on the UltraXTend WiFi enhancer. Now I could enjoy the internet connection inside my room and the internet was quicker than ever.” 
    • Negan: “Our office needed a better wifi range for its size. The employees at the far end often complain about a weak connection. Until one of my employees introduced me to the UltraXTend gadget. We bought 4 wifi extenders and now every corner of our office gets internet. Truly a lifesaver.”
    • Lily: “ I purchased the UltraXTend gadget because of all the hype about providing a better quality network connection. But I should say the product did not improve the quality of my connection. Also, the connection gets disconnected over and over again. Then I came to know that it may be due to the poor quality of my router. So I think I should change my router first”
    UltraXTend Customer Reviews

    UltraXTend Booster Pricing & Availability

    The premium-built UltraXTend device comes at an affordable price range. The website provides 4 distinct packages, which you can select according to the extent of the network range you wish to have.

    • 1 ✕ UltraXtend: 49.90 per device
    •  2 ✕ UltraXTend: 49.90 per device
    •  3 ✕ UltraXTend: 37.46 per device
    • 4 ✕ UltraXTend: 37.46 per device

    It is important to note that you can only purchase the genuine product from the official website

    Do They Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

    The company guarantees the satisfaction of the customers. But for any reason, if you are not happy with the booster, you can easily return the product. All you have to do is contact their 24/7 customer service within 30 days of purchasing the device and they will provide a 100 percent refund.

    Our Final Take On UltraXTend Reviews

    As per the research on several UltraXTend reviews, the wifi extender appears to be a legit and trustworthy gadget that can be used to amplify the network and make it faster and better. The compact design makes it easy to handle. The UltraXTend wi-fi booster is made using high-quality durable materials. So it can last you for a long time. 

    It is clear from the UltraXTend customer reviews that the booster has done its job in improving the internet quality by increasing the speed and range. Also, the extender is backed by a 30-days refund policy. So it is totally risk-free investment. Considering all these I can that UltaXTend wifi extender is worth a shot. 


    • Where can I buy UltraXTent from? 

    The product is only available on their official website. So make sure to purchase them through their official site

    • The signals keep on breaking. What should I do?

    Usually, these kinds of issues arise due to the poor quality of the router. So make sure to ensure the quality of the router before plugging in the wifi booster

    •  How can we understand whether the product is working or not?

     The extender comes with LED lights to signal the strength and speed of the network.  It also indicates whether the gadget is working or not.

    •  Do we need to pay any extra charges for the enhanced network?

      No. It does not require any extra charge to enhance the network

    •  How to extend the range of the gadget even further?

     A single UltraXTend wifi extender can provide 4 times more range than a regular router. But if you want to further extend the range you can buy extra routers depending on your needs.


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    Independent global public health practitioner and advocate for NCDs. Also worked as Assistant Professor of Community Medicine.


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