Kingdom Chapter 718: Kill Kanki! Release Date & Plot!!

The plot of Kingdom is taking an interesting turn. With each chapter that passes, the events of combat get more exciting.

In the previous game, Shin persuaded his guys to forsake the right-wing position and circle all the way back to the left side.

What Happend At The End Of The Chapter??

Shin’s plot was spotted by both Kanki and Riboku. However, at the end of the chapter, Riboku opted to rush straight up at Kanki, avoiding the right and left sides.

In the next episode, fans might expect a frontal attack on Kanki’s troops. Kanki failed to send reinforcements to Shin when he needed them the most. Will this schism result in the loss of Qin’s army? Only the following chapter will provide us with all of the answers.

What Will Happen Next?

The storyline information for Kingdom’s next chapter has yet to be released on discussion threads. However, there is enough information in the preceding chapter to predict what will happen next.

Riboku was amazed by how the plan was falling out of his hands once Shin departed the Right-Wing position and walked to Mouten’s side. He was, nevertheless, preoccupied with one notion.

The Commander stated that he would not be afraid to dive deep into the main army’s flank and strike Kanki with a devastating blow.

Kingdom Chapter 718 will now begin with Riboku instructing his frontline men to charge directly into Kanki’s flank.

Although the strategy is fraught with danger because Kanki’s soldiers are many, there is an equal probability that they will prevail. As a result, all sides are equally at risk of losing the conflict.

Kingdom Chapter 718 Recap

The 717th chapter of Kingdom began with Shin declaring that they were changing their plans. The whole right-wing was going to forsake their views and join the opposition.

Shin’s men were taken aback when they heard what he had just spoken. He informs Ten that there is no need to continue defending Kanki, and the man had not even dispatched reinforcements.

Then he mentioned that they needed to start a fire. This was the only way they could expect to derail Riboku’s goals.

Kanki, on the other hand, was astounded to see Qin’s right-wing leaving the fight. Riboku was waiting to see if this army would keep going in the opposite way or if it would stop right in front of them.

Shin continued to move and ordered his soldiers to attack the opponents that surrounded Gakuka. The chapter ended with Riboku announcing an attack on Kanki while knowing it was a risky decision.

Kingdom Chapter 718 Release Date

The next chapter of Kingdom will be released without a pause. Fans can just sit back and watch the tumult as the historical drama continues with the narrative of the battle.


Kingdom Chapter 718 is scheduled to be released this weekend. April 24, 2022, is the correct release date. It is time that we all have been eagerly waiting for. Let’s not wait anymore; chapter 718 is now released. We are waiting for your feedback on the episode. Don’t forget to share it with us. 

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