Will There Be A Season Two Of The White Princess? Who Made Me A Princess Season 2 Release Date!

The 124th episode of Who Made Me A Princess premiered at the shows last week. However, the fans of the manhwa had no idea that this would be the final bankruptcy on which they would be meeting with Athanasia.

Who Made Me A Princess Season 2 Is One Of The Most Well-Known Korean Webtoons

This is correct, the main story of the manhwa has come to an end, and fans are eagerly anticipating Who Made Me A Princess Season 2. The manhwa has become one of the most popular drama texts in recent years.

Who Made Me A Princess Season 2

Who Made Me A Princess is one of the most well-known Korean webtoons of the present day. Spoon is the artist who created the sequence.

The story of a young Korean princess is based on Plutos’ online book of the same name. The story revolves around a young woman who wishes to be the princess of the Kingdom and is set in medieval times.

Who Made Me A Princess Season 2 Release date

As of this writing, there has been no official confirmation concerning whether or not Who Made Me A Princess Season 2 will return.

The fact that the translator is the most efficient mediator for lovers who learn the manhwa in English adds to the perplexity.

Even with Webtoon and Kakaopage, there is a significantly smaller selection of professional translation companies.

Furthermore, their services and goods are either paid or unavailable in many locations. As a result, others turn to piracy and use a different way of learning the materials.

Overall, the general bankruptcy of the manhwa is only waiting to be unlocked at Tappytoon’s paying provider.

Furthermore, there is no term from Spoon’s second season. However, there is no need to be concerned because WMMAP has a high probability of returning.

Who Made Me A Princess Season 2 When Is It Coming Out?

There’s a good chance that Who Made Me A Princess Season 2 will return to the screens. The first season of the manhwa was a tremendous success, and until the general bankruptcy, all chapters were read thousands upon thousands of times.

Furthermore, the pages of Reddit are already overflowing with inquiries about the second season. It’s not easy to get entry into the Korean manhwa fanbase.

However, based on its fame in the West, fans may be certain that the story will be a success in Korea as well.

This year, The Boxer, like this manhwa, saw the end of the main story. When the general bankruptcy was released, the author quickly publicized the spin-off story. As a result, successful works receive fresh additions in the absence of significant demand.

What Will Happen Next

There were several plotlines that the manhwa did not touch in earlier versions. The prior season did not see the culmination of Athanasia’s courtship with Lucas.

The Princess’ Coronation ceremony used to appear out of nowhere in the middle of the narratives. And admirers have been analyzing the manhwa’s overall bankruptcy rapidly.

Season 2 of Who Made Me A Princess will focus on Athanasia’s adventures after she transforms into the princess. Taking up the role of a crown princess is only the first in a long line of responsibilities.

As a result, Athanasia must contend with an electorate that looks as much as she does. As the story proceeds in Who Made Me A Princess Season 2, viewers will be able to see how the princess discovers love in Lucas.


There is no word about the return of Who Made Me A Princess Season 2. However, there is no need to be concerned because lovers will learn more of the story after the general bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy 124 will most likely be followed by other escapades that will cover small tales starring the protagonist, Lucas, and different characters within the story.

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