Healer Girl Episode 5: Release Date & Plot, Spoilers, Cast

Healer Girl was one of the most surprising hits of Spring 2022. This is the anime that has kept viewers fascinated among all the blockbuster releases that are topping the charts this season.

Healer Girl Episode 5 An Original Japanese Animation Series

So far, four episodes have been released, and fans are eagerly anticipating Healer Girl Episode 5. In the last episode, one of the most critical medical cases was discussed.

Healer Girl

Healer Girl, an original Japanese animation series, will be produced by Studio 3Hz. The characters were designed by Yukie Akiya and Ryo Takahashi. At the same time, the music was composed by Ryo Takahashi for the series, which was directed by Yasuhiro Irie and written by Noboru Kimura.

It features the Healer Girls, a four-person choir comprised of singers, performers, and actresses. On April 4, 2022, it will air on Tokyo MX and BS11. Healer Girls will perform the opening theme song, “Feel You, Heal You,” and the ending theme song, “Believe Like Singing.” Crunchyroll has licensed the series and will make it available on their platform.

What Will Be Next? 

“Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles, and the Galaxy Station” is the title of the next episode of Healer Girl. The ambitious Healers may devise a strategy to take a break from their relentless labor.

And, in the days leading up to the provisional examination, these females will need to unwind. As a result, an outside picnic appears to be the perfect venue for the next episode.

According to the Healer Girl Episode 5 promo trailer, the scene will be on the beach. Other children are shown in the teaser, in addition to the trio and the ladies. As a result, it will be fascinating to watch who all attend the event.


The provisional licensing exam started in the previous episode of the Healer Girl anime. The girls had less than a week to finish their work and prepare for the event.

To make time management even more effective, the three delegated all of the tasks to one another. After that, it was time for the procedure. The girls were supposed to operate on Kana. During the procedure, there were several challenges and issues.

However, the women handled the situation well.

The surgeon who was meant to do the procedure approached the girls and expressed his gratitude for their invaluable assistance. The episode’s last act gave viewers a glimpse into Ria’s history.


She had worked in the healing field for a long time before enrolling in medical school. Kana hinted at her interest in this field as the show came to a close.

Healer Girl Episode 5 Release Date

The narrative will be told from a new perspective in the next episode of Healer Girl. Fortunately, the next episode will be released without delay. So, on May 3, 2022, Healer Girl Episode 5 will be released. Fans will be able to watch all of the episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll’s official sites.

Healer Girl Episode 5 Spoilers

“Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles, and the Galaxy Station” is the title of the next episode. Episode 5 appears to be your obligatory anime beach episode based on the promo. Kana and the daughters are on their way to a nature retreat with a couple of other children. After the severity of Episode 4, the following episode promises to be lighthearted.

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