Will There Be Hocus Pocus 2? Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More!

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Hocus pocus 2 is one of the best types of web shows that has mesmerized the audience to the next level with the help of its power-packed performances. This is one of the best types of web shows, which many people miss. It is a kind of sequel to the original film, titled Sanderson Sisters. Everybody is expecting the release of this web show very soon on Disney Plus Hotstar. 

Famous Characters And The Iconic Roles 

The famous characters of Bette, Sarah, Jessica, and Kathy again represent their iconic roles. The trailer of this amazing show has not been released for the time being. But there has been a brief teaser that has been launched recently. 

Will There Be Hocus Pocus 2 Release Date Trailer Cast, Plot & More!

In such a type of situation, it becomes extremely important to understand that the director, Adam, is all set with the shooting schedule and has been able to release the statement in a press release. The executive producers and the directors of Hocus pocus 2 have already finalized all the things expected to be a part of this amazing web show.

Expected Release Date 

It is important to mention that this particular kind of web show is expected to make the perfect comeback around 2022. The official Instagram page of this web show confirmed this news A few days back. Everything from the plot to the storyline has already been decided. 

Even at the same time, the shooting has already begun and is expected to wrap up soon. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for all the fans to wait. Halloween is considered to be the expected date of the release.

Casting And The Crew Members Of Hocus Pocus 2

As already mentioned above, Bette has already confirmed her participation in the upcoming web show. Sara and Jessica would be playing the iconic roles of the two friends around whom the entire web show is expected to revolve around. This supporting cast and crew members have already confirmed their participation in being the lead actor and actresses. 

All of the information had been made available on the official page of Instagram. The news of the participation in the web show had already been confirmed by them in the interviews two years ago. All of these actors have been able to impress the audience with the help of the wonderful performance in all the previous projects they have undertaken. 

The plot Of The Web Show 

The plot is expected to be around the mystery of the high school. It is expected to bring forward the reason why the backyard of the school is considered Haunted.

In conclusion, this particular type of plot would finally explain how all the people would speculate to conclude. It will feature not only invention but also a lot of suspense. But this is the perfect type of plot that you will ever come across.


This show is expected to be a great hit. It is expected to create a new record at the box office after the release.



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