Matt James Propose To Girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell
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Proposals and heartbreaks have become commonplace in the entertainment world. Some of them are getting ready to propose to their new girlfriends. The establishment of relationships is nothing new after working together on television series and movies.

It Was Already Widely Assumed That They Had Been Dating For Quite Some Time

In one of the most recent news, it was revealed that Matt James is already planning to propose to his supposed girlfriend, Rachael. In such a case, it is necessary to mention the speculation about impending events.

Matt James Propose To Girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell

Matt was ready to convert his status from bachelor to married in one of his recent interviews with a TV outlet on May 17th. It was already widely assumed that they had been dating for quite some time.

They would be seen together at practically all public gatherings. They went on travels and other forms of vacations to celebrate one other’s accomplishments and spend time together. Everyone feels they are madly in love in such a situation. However, neither of them confirmed the relationship and chose to keep it hidden.

Future Events

Even after being questioned by the media, they chose not to respond to this question. But, much to the audience’s astonishment, the famous actor has finally disclosed that he plans to propose to his fiancée shortly.

He now believes that life is too short for people to be kept waiting for an extended amount of time. That is why he blushed in front of the cameras and finally stated that he wants to create the best memories with his lady love and that all he needs now is her approval.

Future Objectives

He has also indicated his willingness to improve himself in order for her to live her life to the fullest. He has stated that things would return to normal only when he decides to marry. But, before being married, it’s crucial to note that everything must be sorted out, and first and foremost, he must communicate his relationship and feelings to his lady love.


This evolution and change of heart follows the tremendous success of his popular online show love, and the life triangle on Netflix. The plot of the show and the story have inspired him to be a better version of himself. He is moved by the character portrayed by the web show’s primary actor. All of this has spurred him on to greater heights.


There has been a lot of conjecture about how he will propose to his supposed lady love since he aired his thoughts on the subject. According to some reports, he plans to book a boat and propose to his lady love in the middle of the ocean. Not just for themselves, but for all of their supporters, this will be the most delicate moment. This is likely to represent the start of the next phase of life.


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