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Bronny, LeBron James’ 17-year-old son, is being attacked with vicious racist insults after uploading photographs of the happy couple arriving at the wedding in a $326,000 special Mercedes GT sports vehicle.

On Wednesday, LeBron Raymone ‘Bronny’ James Jr., the basketball legend’s eldest son, uploaded a series of photographs of himself and his prom date on Instagram, provoking a scathing response and racial abuse from trolls who made vicious comments about his choice of a prom date.

Bronny James Confronts Racism For Taking White Girl To School Prom

Bronny went to the school dance last weekend with one of his classmates, Peyton Gelfuso. However, some individuals on the internet were not pleased with his decision to accompany a ‘light-skinned’ person to prom, and social media was immediately swamped with a barrage of negative comments about the couple.

‘Not a light-skinned lady already,’ one user said, while another added, ‘On the good side, LeBron has more kids.’ Maybe they’ll do better next time.’ Someone else said, ‘That chick is whiter than white, bruh.’ The fourth post with a furious face emoji said, ‘Should’ve had a black queen like his dad.’ ‘Lost another black king to a money-hungry white chick,’ said another Twitter user. ‘Bron needs to perform better SMH.’

Someone else called her a ‘money digger,’ echoing lyrics from Kanye West’s song Gold Digger, while others just tweeted GIFs and memes expressing their displeasure with his choice of date.

LeBron James'son  Bronny Getting Racist Comments For Accompanying A Whitegirl To School

Others backed the rising basketball star, with one adding, ‘Bronny James truly has grown adults in disarray over the fact that he brought a white lady to prom in 2022.’ ‘Anyone who is upset over Bronny’s prom date is part of the issue in today’s society,’ said another.

‘Bunch of hateful a** moves in this threat,’ another Twitter user said. The child will almost certainly play in the NBA with his iconic father and make millions in salary endorsements, he can go to prom with anyone TF he wants, and the rest of us can’t do anything about it, regardless of our thoughts. ‘Stop it already.’

Reactions To The Hate Comments

‘It’s funny to watch how many black folks are upset about his prom attire.’ ‘Bro, you’re so lame,’ read another tweet. ‘MFs who are content with their life doesn’t make judgments about youngsters based on their dates’ racial hue,’ added another. ‘Black folks scream racism and then go there when a white guy meets a black female.’ ‘SMH,’ wrote someone another.

‘Perhaps we should simply let the child have his prom without bashing him and his date.’ Someone another supported him, saying, ‘He looks wonderful.’

Bronny James and his younger brother, Bryce, visited the Cavaliers locker room 30 minutes after Game 4 of the NBA Finals this year. They arrived with a bunch of buddies, most likely teammates. I wanted to ask them how it felt to have a father who was widely regarded as the finest player in the world, who had possibly his best season yet fell short — yet again. In the changing room, neither son said anything. Bronny checked his phone and joked gently with his squad. Bryce went to get some dinner. Maybe they realized it was their last time in a Cavs locker room as a member of the home team.


But when they glanced at their father, who was still wrapped in towels and had ice strapped to his hands and knees, they were just two kids trying to calm him. An entourage trailed LeBron Sr. as he headed to the garage of Quicken Loans Arena for the final time as a Cavalier. But he was flanked by LeBron Jr. and Bryce.

Even in loss, they appeared to be proud of their father. It’s strange, but I was thinking of The Notorious B.I.G. at the time and how he was not given the opportunity to mature into parenting as James has. He never saw a younger version of himself mature into a man.


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