Kelly Earnby
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Kelly ern by was a well-known public personality who served as the deputy district attorney for Orange County. She worked as the district attorney for more than 10 years. She was an amazing personality who died at a very early age of 45 due to covid 19. But there are a lot of speculations concerning how she died. Some people believe that her political opponents and competitors have killed her. But nothing concrete as of now has been discovered by them.

Kelly Earnby Early Life

She was born on 29th June 1975 in California. She never shared any information concerning her family and siblings except that her mother and father served in the United States Navy.

Kelly Earnby

She was always proud to be a military kid. She was interested in her education, and after graduating from High School, she enrolled in a very reputed college in The United States of America. 

Kelly Earnby Career

She was the youngest attorney who started working as one only at 19. She decided to take up the environment in law matters and consumer protection cases under the guidance of the Orange County environment law enforcement task force. She has been able to work even for the southern section of the California Consumer Protection Council. 

She also decided to serve in the California military Consumer Protection task force. Apart from that, she is even subject to business litigation. Soon after successfully establishing herself as an attorney, she decided to participate in politics and was very successful in the same. She initially did not win any elections, but soon after, she developed a set image for herself in the industry. 

Kelly Earnby Cause Of Death 

It is important to mention that she died only at 45. But she died due to complications of covid 19. The entire country was in shock at her death. But it is important to mention that her friends and family do not believe that she died because of covid-19.

One of the friends don has been able to share that at the time of her death, and she was at her home, so definitely, there is something fishy. It is important to mention that her family has been trying to investigate the main cause of her death, but nothing has been known to her for the time being

Kelly Earnby Marriage

She was married to her husband, Axel. But they did not have any children. It is important to mention that the couple lived a very peaceful life, and they enjoyed every single second of their life.


This is one of the most important perspectives which should be remembered at every point in time that she was a perfect lady who maintained a balance between her professional and personal life. After her death, her husband has been trying to cope with the loss.


She is a famous personality who has achieved a lot in her life. Her untimely death was able to shake the entire industry, but nobody could do anything in this manner. She worked hard throughout her career to develop so much goodwill for herself. Her goodwill and net worth are around 16 million dollars.


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