Featured StoriesHow to Learn ITIL: Training, Courses, and Certifications

How to Learn ITIL: Training, Courses, and Certifications


What is ITIL® Foundation Certification? The ITIL® framework was first developed in the 1980s by a U.K. government agency as a set of standardized best practices for the management of information technology services. Since then, it has evolved into an all-encompassing framework for the management of IT service delivery, applicable to organizations of all sizes, industries, and market sectors. The course is divided into four parts, each of which covers a fundamental knowledge of the ITIL service lifecycle.

The ITIL® Foundation certification is the entry-level ITIL certification. Although it is an introductory certification, most IT professionals consider it easy enough to pass on their first attempt. The ITIL Foundation exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, and you can prepare for the exam by self-study or you can take itil 4 foundation training. The ITIL Foundation certification does not have an expiration date, making it an excellent choice for new IT managers.


  • After passing the Foundation exam, you can continue your study by taking an ITIL® MP or SL certification course. Afterward, you can move to an ITIL Leader or Specialist role, as long as you have completed the entire course. The ITIL MP and SL exams are prerequisites for ITIL Foundation, and you can take them after you have passed the ITIL Foundation. You can also use your ITIL Foundation certificate to advance to other levels of certification, like Project Manager, Analyst, and Consultant.
  • If you have completed your classroom training, you are eligible to take the ITIL Foundation exam. The ITIL Foundation exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and you must answer at least 65% of them correctly. The ITIL Foundation exam is often taken at the end of the course, but it can also be prepared for on your own. It is important to prepare for the exam in advance, since it is not an easy test.
  • The ITIL Foundation certification is the first certification level of the ITIL qualification programme. The ITIL Foundation exam requires knowledge of the ITIL framework and structure and provides basic service management. You must have this to work in the ITIL community. The exam is the gateway to further certification. The more advanced version of the exam can be taken by professionals who want to develop their career. There are other options for gaining certification, but the ITIL Foundation certification is the most basic.


ITIL Foundation certification is the first step in the process of becoming an ITIL Practitioner. Despite the low cost, the itil foundation classes offers a lot of benefits to organizations and individuals. The ITIL process is a well-known and popular framework for IT services. It is widely used in many large organizations and is widely accepted in the business world. In fact, most employers are looking for ITIL foundation certified professionals.

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