Michelle Young Shuts Down The Rumour That She And Nayte Olukoya Are Breaking Up!!

Michelle Young Shuts Down The Rumour That She And Nayte Olukoya Are Breaking Up
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It’s a rumor floating around for a while now, but Michelle Young has finally spoken up about the question on everyone’s mind: is she and Nate Olukoya still together?

False Claim Of Divorce 

The actress writes to her Instagram page on Wednesday, April 17, to shut down the split rumors. She wrote: “I want to clarify that Nate and I are not getting a divorce.” She continued: “We have been friends for over 20 years and we love each other very much. I would never let anyone disrespect him or myself in any way shape or form.”

 The actress, who is in a relationship with the pastor, took to her social media page to debunk the false claims. She wrote: “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.” This one has been flying for some time now but I want to make it clear that I am not “Splitting” from Pastor Nayte Olukoya.

My marriage is fine, my family is fine and we are still going strong. I know there will be more rumors but please don’t believe them. Let us continue to pray for each other and do what we do best as Christians – spread love! Michelle thanked her fans for all the support they have given her family through this difficult time. She also added that she would keep them updated on what’s happening with their relationship moving forward. The actress’s announcement comes just days after confirming that she had filed for divorce from Nayte after nine years of marriage; however, she also revealed that they’re still living together in their home as they try to figure out what’s next for them both as individuals.

Nayte Olukoya Split Rumor

The marriage of Nigerian gospel singer Michelle Young and pastor Nayte Olukoya has been trending on social media recently. Some have speculated that the couple is experiencing difficulties, while others have claimed they are already divorced.

However, the singer has dismissed all these reports as false. In a recent interview with Saturday, the mother of three said she is not bothered about what people say about her marriage because it will never affect her life. She said: “I don’t care about what people say; I know what God has planned for my life. They have been saying all sorts of things, but I am still married to my husband, and nothing has changed; we are still together and fine.


If you love your husband or wife, no matter what anybody says or does not say, you should not allow any person to come between you and your spouse because that will hurt both of you. You should not listen to anybody who wants to break up your marriage; it is better if we all continue working hard towards our goals rather than wasting time gossiping about people who are happily married like my husband and me.


 Michelle Young has shut down rumors of a split from her husband, Nayte Olukoya. According to reports, Michelle Young and her husband, Pastor Nayte Olukoya, have split after they both shared photos on their Instagram accounts without mentioning their marriage or love for each other. However, the actress has debunked that she’s separated from the pastor, and she even shared a video of him dancing with her at a family gathering recently. In the video posted on Instagram by Michelle, she can be seen dancing alongside her husband, who is dancing in his usual jovial mood.


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