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How to Log into Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Them Getting Notification


With over 1.3 billion global users, Facebook Messenger is currently the third most popular mobile messaging app around the world. It has gained an enviable following since it was launched back in 2008. This outstanding messenger app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Interestingly, users don’t have to create a Facebook profile to use this app.

Are you wondering how to find someone’s location on Facebook or secretly log into someone’s Messenger? Saddle up. This article explains a few solutions you can use to read someone else’s messages on Messenger.

Who Uses Facebook Messenger?

About 24% of people who use Facebook Messenger are millennials between 25 and 34 years old. This instant messaging app attracts a broad audience, owing to its robust security features and user-friendliness.

21% of Messenger users consist of people aged 35 to 44. This stat proves just how popular this platform is among the older generation.

Despite its interactive benefits, it’s easy to fall prey to online bullies, swindlers, and child molesters who use Facebook Messenger and other social networking apps to lure naïve individuals into their deadly traps.

Parents may need to track their children’s behavior on this app to ensure they’re not sharing inappropriate content or communicating with strangers.

If you’re in a relationship, tracking your partner’s Facebook Messenger can help you to unearth whether he/she is cheating.

Users can also track their elderly relatives’ accounts to prevent them from getting exploited by tricksters or participating in risky financial schemes.

How to See Someone’s Facebook Messages Using eyeZy?

Using effective spy apps such as eyeZy is the most effective way to access someone else’s FB Messenger. eyeZy is equipped with two key features that can help you hack your loved one’s Messenger with ease. These include:

●        Facebook Tracker

This feature allows you to view everything your target user shares via Facebook Messenger. This includes text messages, videos, photos, and audio clips.

eyeZy provides a bird’s-eye view of their entire chat history and recipient details allowing you to see who they talked to and what was said.

Impressively, you don’t need to befriend them on Facebook or disclose your identity: this app works in stealth mode to ensure your loved ones never find out that they’re being tracked.

Although you won’t be able to directly log into their FB Messenger account using eyeZy’s Facebook Tracker, this tool will reveal all the information you need about the target user.

●        Keylogger

You can also use eyeZy’s keylogger to log into someone’s Facebook messenger without them knowing. This keylogger works by intercepting and storing your target’s keystrokes. Whatever they type on their phones – every text, number, and code – is recorded for your future review.

eyeZy’s unique keylogger can easily save your target user’s Messenger login credentials. Once recorded, you can retrieve this information from the app’s Control Center and use it to sign into their Facebook Messenger account.

What Else Can You Try?

Some people often wonder: if you log into someone’s Facebook Messenger, will they know? Well, it depends on the method you use.

Let’s discuss three alternative solutions to tracking their FB Messenger:

1. Using Forgot Password Feature

This technique is pretty straightforward. Simply visit Facebook’s login page from your preferred browser and click on “Forgotten account.”

Next, enter your target’s username or email address. A code will be sent to their phone/email – click on “Didn’t get a code?”

You’ll be presented with some login options. Select the option labeled “No longer have access to these.”

Next, simply enter your preferred email ID or phone number and hit “continue” to send a password reset link to your selected email.

2. Guessing Their Password

This go-to trick can come in handy if you want to hack a minor’s FB Messenger account.

Kids generally use simple passwords that are weak and predictable. Try using things like their names, phone numbers, and date of birth.

Unfortunately, the success of this method is solely based on luck.

3. Checking Their Saved Passwords via Browser

User passwords are automatically saved on Google Chrome and a few other browsers upon the individual’s consent.

To retrieve your subject’s Facebook Messenger login credentials, you’d first need to access their computer and open their default browser.

For Chrome, simply go to Settings > Autofill > Passwords. Search for Facebook Messenger, click on the ‘eye’ icon and enter the PC password to reveal their Messenger credentials.


Once you’ve learned how to secretly log into someone’s Messenger, you’ll be better equipped to protect them from online crooks. After conducting plenty of research, we’ve found eyeZy to be the most effective tracking app to get into someone’s Messenger.

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