‘Off-Screen’ Bond With Angus Cloud ‘Euphoria’ Star Javon Walton Speaks

'Off-Screen' Bond With Angus Cloud 'Euphoria' Star Javon Walton Speaks
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‘Off-Screen’ Bond With Angus Cloud: ‘Euphoria’ Star Javon Walton Speaks. If you asked which of the cast he has the strongest connection with, Walton 15 told Page Six at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday, “I’m certainly closest to Angus.” “We often talk via FaceTime. The relationship I have with my friend is pretty close. “

“For sure, for sure,” Walton declared in response to a question about whether their bond was the same as that of his elder brother.

‘Off-Screen’ Bond With Angus Cloud’Euphoria’ Star Javon Walton Speaks

Cloud’s laidback and jolly lifestyle was explained by him that it’s exactly like the character Fezco as well as the actor who was seen mumbling during an interview that went viral at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in March. Cloud is 23 and is a shrewd heroin dealer whose tough past makes him accountable to his twin sister, who is adopted, as seen in Samuel Levinson’s comedy. It’s not long for Ash Cloud, the more reckless and savage of the two, to spot the fraudulent trading.

Despite that, both actors have been on the show since it began in 2019. Season 2 confirmed their positions in the hearts of the viewers.

'Off-Screen' Bond With Angus Cloud 'Euphoria' Star Javon Walton Speaks

Then the character of Walton was murdered and appeared to have been killed in the course of a police raid in the dramatic finale of season 2; the public was shocked. Walton himself was surprised by the events and was particularly shocked when he revealed to Esquire in February that his character was originally thought of being killed inside the prison bust.

“To be honest, I was astonished. “How it occurred was quite amazing,” Walton stated of the alteration made at the last minute. “It was never planned to be me that was killed in the first draft of the screenplay. That is quite bizarre. “

“However, I’m very happy with the way things went as everything has the sake of.” The whole thing came together flawlessly, and it was an amazing time to be a part of. It was worth the time.” Walton is also part of “The Umbrella Academy,” the 3rd episode in Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy,” which will premiere in the next few months on Netflix along with the third season of “Euphoria. “

“I can’t say too much,” the actor told me about the season approaching, “but I can tell you a little about my character. ” “My persona, Stanley, is a great time-waster, and cheeky, and plays many jokes. In this season, he does an amazing act. “

“And the timeline is much more twisted up, and the family is even more dysfunctional,” he said about the show that is based on an ensemble of superheroes working to stop the imminent catastrophe. “As a consequence, I’d like to be prepared for it. prepare for the possibility of. ” In June of this year, Javon Walton starred as Ashtray in the HBO TV series Euphoria and later, he played the role of Grant Bishop in the Amazon Prime Video streaming series Utopia (2020). 

Javon Walton played Pugsley Addams in the film named after him in the animated comedy The Addams Family 2 in 2021. He will appear as Sam Cleary in the superhero thriller film Samaritan and also in the show on TV about superheroes, The Umbrella Academy, which will premiere in 2022.

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